‘Mainstream Media is Enforcing Sharia’

Activist against radical Islam Pamela Geller told Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon that the mainstream media is not only avoiding reporting of jihad related news, “When it comes to Islam the mainstream media by and large is enforcing the Sharia.”

Geller recounted that no American papers ran the cartoons that prompted the Charlie Hebdo slaughter by Islamic Jihadists. Geller observed that the Daily News showed the comic book cover on its pages, but only with pixilated images. Bannon was quick to point out that Breitbart featured the cover of the magazine for nine hours as the lead on its website.

  • Gaian

    A really funny music video came out of China a while back spoofing Kim Jong Un with a little bit of Obama and Putin thrown in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…
    N. Koreans have been trying to hack it out of existence but this one
    link I have provided is the original. Can anyone do this good a job,
    with the right kind of music, with sticking an image of the islamic
    mohamud on some compromising positions? If someone came up with a good
    one (I don’t have the skill or stuff to do it or I would try) maybe we
    could get Anonymous (via CentCom) to hack into Al Jezeera and show the
    islamics the “truth” about mohamud.