Left Wing Values Are Hindering Our Response to Islamic Extremism

Following recent events in Paris, huge crowds joined a rally in the French capital to…do what exactly? To pledge their support for free speech? To show solidarity with the Jewish people? Or simply to express their horror at such depravity? Are they calling for change, beyond an end to the killing? If so, how many of their cosy assumptions are they willing to sacrifice to put things right?

The murdered journalists and illustrators of Charlie Hebdo were not conventional victims, in the sense of being members of a designated identity group. Nor were they friends of the modern Left, in that they scorned liberal poseurs with a penchant for censorship. They could be rude and puerile, but they understood that the right to free speech trumps the ‘right’ not to be offended.

Pic is new Charlie Hebdo cover.

  • Just a thought

    “Left Wing Values…”

    That’s where you lose me, since they don’t have “values” per se, only the pretense of them, which I think is the real reason for the problem.

    • JoKeR
      • Clausewitz

        Wrong emblem.

        In “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.

        Not so much hammer and sickle as crescent.

        • Just a thought

          But that’s my point, they take the persona of whatever society finds abhorrent, and try to make it mainstream, out of shear malice it seems. One day communism, another Islam or atheism. Whatever “works,” or in their case whatever doesn’t work or causes the most harm, like “renewable” energy.

  • Jay Currie

    I wrote at my place that any paper which had “Je suis Charlie” signs up on its front page which does not run this cover is never to be considered to have supported free speech.

    • moraywatson

      The media could either tie themselves into pretzels justifying their dhimmitude in not printing the cartoons, or they could just print the cartoons. I know which one takes less time.

    • winniec


      • Jay Currie

        Amusingly, neither the Daily Mail nor the Telegraph ran the cover, the Guardian did. I am keeping a rough list here https://jaycurrie.wordpress.com/2015/01/12/new-charlie-cover/

        The French translation for you are cowards is: “Vous êtes des lâches.”

        These include the NYT as well as the Globe and Mail, National Post and the CBC. This might change but I doubt it.

  • JoKeR
    • Xavier

      The next panel shows the liberal bludgeoned to death and the musloid saying, “Infidel swine!”

  • Mickey Oberman

    It is the social media that is hindering the response.
    Unless one belongs to a privacy destroying social medium one may not respond.

  • winniec

    This means ‘cultural Marxist’ values. The Leftarded CM’s want to destroy European civilization which stops them from imposing totalitarian rule. They use the ‘noble savage’ 7th century Death Cult to terrorize Europeans until they submit without flinching to censorship and being told what to think.
    Things were going great until these unfortunate killings of cartoonists and lefty journalists. Unfortunate, that they were Lefty journalists, that is. Otherwise, the Leftards could have said ‘the right-wing, colonialist racists had it coming to them.’