Gallia Watch: On Muslim intolerance

Here’s an excerpt, posted at François Desouche, from Tristes tropiques by anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss (1908 – 2009). The book was published in 1955:

The brief contacts that I had with the Arab world inspired in me an ineradicable antipathy. I had to encounter Islam to measure the peril that today threatens French thought. One cannot help but observe the extent to which France is in the process of becoming Muslim.

Already Islam had disconcerted me by its attitude toward history, contradictory to ours, and contradictory to itself: its need to found a tradition is accompanied by an appetite for the destruction of all previous traditions…

If a body guard could be religious, Islam would appear to be his ideal religion: strict observance of rules, review of details and cleanliness, masculine promiscuity in the spiritual life as in the accomplishment of religious functions; and no women. (…) They compensate for the inferiority that they feel by traditional forms of sublimation that have always been associated with the Arab soul: jealousy, pride, heroism.