French Jewish schools may get army protection… Nothing to do with Islam of course

Jewish schools and synagogues will be protected “if necessary” by the French army, a leading figure in the country’s Jewish community said after meeting with President François Hollande on Sunday.

  • Barrington Minge

    Of course its nothing to do with Islam! The “religion” of peace….hmmm…

  • simus1

    What a BS filled little rag.

    Not unlike M Bernard Cazeneuve with the PR “sop du jour” from his EP meeting with Hollande.

  • tom_billesley

    Secondary targets like kosher stores, not so protected.

  • David Murrell

    Partly off topic, but BREAKING NEWS!

    Actor George Clooney, at last night’s Golden Globes, spoke out against the Charlie Hebdo terrorist acts, stating that “Ju Suis Charlie”. We can all breathe easier now. Hollywood has spoken! Gee. Wow! How about that! Wonderful.

  • Xavier

    717 Jewish schools are now under the protection of 4700 police and troops – @BFMTV

  • Hard Little Machine

    France should spend that money manpower and effort to help all French Jews emigrate. France is a flaming shitpile soon to be a graveyard for the Jews. There is zero sense in sticking around and hoping magically it will be better.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    When Netanyahu reminded French Jews that Israel is their true home, it must have gotten Hollande off his ass.

  • Gary

    But remember , ” It’s been a tough week for muslims” .
    The fear of backlash has Mosques on alert just because 11 filthy infidels were killed as if they have value within islam.
    Theses weasels have even gone as far to vandalize their own mosques after a mass slaughter by their jihadist Brothers as part of playing the Victim.
    CAIR-Canada did it and still does it , how do I know? Because there has not been one News report of an arrest or Conviction which the Taqqiyah masters at CAIR would have loved to held up on the CBC to prove islamophobia .
    The attacks on Mosques never seem to have security video , plus the Pickering Mosque arson years back just happened to have been fire bombed and damaged at 3:00 am while the custodian was there to call 9-1-1 but claims he heard and saw Nothing. The scam by the Mosque was to get a Permit for their Mega Mosque which violated the Zoning laws and thought the filthy infidels would fall for it. Sorry muslims, they didn’t get their mega mosque and nor should any Mosque fabricating Arson to gain sympathy and by-pass build-codes .

    A weasel by any other name……

  • roccolore

    Wait till the Muslims start demanding protection for their mosques and schools.