Elder of Ziyon: Jews are being murdered in France, so naturally the NYT is worried about…Muslims

NYT-headlines-Charlie-HebdoFour Jews are murdered at a kosher supermarket  by someone who admitted he was targeting Jews.

So which French community is the New York Times concerned about for its safety and well-being?…

I noticed the same thing myself.  

There was no counter-balancing article about the increasingly tenuous position of Jews in France.

I took a screen shot of all their articles at their site yesterday afternoon (at left).

  • Hard Little Machine

    What now is more of the same – nothing. More attacks more handwringing more nothing. When France runs the last Jew off in a few years the Muslims that Christianne Amanpour calls ‘activists’ will move on to the next group. Can you image what will happen when they go after Gays in France? Mon dieu!

  • Xavier


  • winniec

    NYT is a cultural Marxist organ. The CMs are shielding their ‘noble savages’ from critique. The CMs at NYT want to destroy Western civilization with the help of their surrogate barbarians.

    • Observer

      A savage is a savage is a savage. There is nothing “noble” about any savage.

  • Whatever Dhimmi-NYT says or thinks, the game is not yet over, France may well overcome her Moslems. The March of 11 Jan. has shown there is a good potential there.

    • Xavier

      I hope you are correct.
      But I worry.

  • roccolore

    The NYT is a pro-terror paper.

    • Frau Katze


  • simus1

    There is a precise scientific term for these increasingly logic free unrare plodding herds following the elites political phenomenon:
    “Dullards Swept Along By A Tsunami OF Bullshit.”

  • Observer

    But the muzzies are always the victims. Just ask any!

  • dukestreet

    I’d like to see a real, honest reaction to save France, Europe and the west. It won’t be happening the western politicians and media are aiding and abetting the caliphate for their own person and ideological gain. They don’t care about the real people they hurt. It’s all fake concern.

    if it were not, Muslim immigration would have been stopped, terrorists and jihadis would be killed or permanently imprisoned.
    Anyone leaving to fight with the terrorists would have their travel papers and citizenship frevoked as soon as they entered an Islamic country.

    Islamophobia is not a phobia. Fear of Islamists is entirely reasonable. We see more proof of this every day

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The boy who cried “backlash”

  • David Murrell

    Mentioned earlier that the Globe and Mail published an editorial today (Monday January 12) stating that it, the Globe, is “not Charlie Hebdo”:

    Lot’s of outrage over this slavish tribute to Islamist murder, by our National Newspaper. in the comments section. One writer mentioned offhand that the New York Times penned an editorial stating, “I am Not Charlie Hebdo”. So, if true, at lest the NYT is honest about its pro-Islamist terror leanings. The wretched newspaper, like the Globe and Mail, truly does support jihadist-based mass murder.