David Wood: Muhammad Orders the Execution of Critics

When Muhammad entered Mecca, he ordered his followers only to fight those who refused to surrender to him, except certain people who were to be executed whether they surrendered or not. In our earliest detailed biographical source on the fall of Mecca, Ibn Ishaq lists eight people who were to receive the death penalty. The charges against four of the eight were “insulting Muhammad.” One of the four critics was eventually pardoned; the others were killed.

Politicians, the media, and Muslim groups assure us that Muhammad never retaliated against people who insulted him. Too bad these modern apologists weren’t there to tell Muhammad how tolerant they would one day imagine him to be.

Here’s the passage from Ibn Ishaq, with details on the critics underlined. Pass it on.


Ibn Ishaq on Killing Critics

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  • Muhammad was a tyrant and a child molester.

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    Mohammed set the “Perfect Example”.


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    There you go, resorting to historical fact and logic. When the shiny pony gets elected to power you’ll be a marked man. Let me know if you need directions to my, errrr, cottage, yeah that ‘s it cottage, just NW of Parry Sound. We sadly growing fewer conservatives who believe in freedom of speech, and freedom of thought will have a party. It’s BYOR.