Australian Cartoonist Larry Pickering under police protection after posting prophet Muhammad picture online

This cartoon is currently on display at his site.

CONTROVERSIAL cartoonist Larry Pickering has been placed under protective surveillance by counter terrorism police after he posted a derogatory picture depicting the prophet Muhammad on his website.

Mr Pickering was visited at home by detectives from Queensland Police on Sunday evening.

The officers, who arrived unannounced, said Mr Pickering had “upset a lot of people” and they were putting the four-time Walkley Award-winning cartoonist under high-priority protective surveillance.

“They didn’t say specifically why they were there,” Mr Pickering said.

“I guess they must have picked up some intelligence or chatter after I did the cartoon.

“They gave me their details and special phone numbers and said if I call they will be there in minutes.”

Pickering has been a controversial figure for years… He told the Herald Sun he had no plans to stop posting material…

His site is called The Pickering Post.