Robert Crumb Nails The Cowardly Hypocrisy Of The Bandwagon Je Suis Charlie Cartoonists #CharlieHebdo

Bang On, Crumb mocks the fear and hypocrisy shared by himself and his fellow cartoonists.

Oddly I only found out about this toon from an interview Crumb gave in the New York Observer, which of course didn’t print Crumb’s Mohammed cartoon;)

Legendary Cartoonist Robert Crumb on the Massacre in Paris

The ex-pat artist, who has lived in France for 25 years, talks to the Observer about his new cartoon of Muhammed

Robert Crumb is considered by many to be the single best cartoonist America has ever produced. The creator of counter culture icons like Fritz the Cat, the Keep On Truckin guy and Mr Natural, Mr. Crumb was inducted into the comic book Hall of Fame in 1991, the same year he moved his family to France, where he has resided ever since. Writer Celia Farber reached him at his home in Sauve, France on Friday, January 9, 2015, to talk about the massacre of cartoonists and others in Paris this week.

Celia Farber: Have journalists been calling you today to talk about the assassinations at Charlie Hedbo? Are you willing to talk about it?

Robert Crumb: Liberation wanted me to draw a cartoon, so I did this cartoon for Liberation about it. So far, you are the first American journalist that’s asked me to talk about it. I’ll talk about it, yeah.