Robert Crumb Nails The Cowardly Hypocrisy Of The Bandwagon Je Suis Charlie Cartoonists #CharlieHebdo

Bang On, Crumb mocks the fear and hypocrisy shared by himself and his fellow cartoonists.

Oddly I only found out about this toon from an interview Crumb gave in the New York Observer, which of course didn’t print Crumb’s Mohammed cartoon;)

Legendary Cartoonist Robert Crumb on the Massacre in Paris

The ex-pat artist, who has lived in France for 25 years, talks to the Observer about his new cartoon of Muhammed

Robert Crumb is considered by many to be the single best cartoonist America has ever produced. The creator of counter culture icons like Fritz the Cat, the Keep On Truckin guy and Mr Natural, Mr. Crumb was inducted into the comic book Hall of Fame in 1991, the same year he moved his family to France, where he has resided ever since. Writer Celia Farber reached him at his home in Sauve, France on Friday, January 9, 2015, to talk about the massacre of cartoonists and others in Paris this week.

Celia Farber: Have journalists been calling you today to talk about the assassinations at Charlie Hedbo? Are you willing to talk about it?

Robert Crumb: Liberation wanted me to draw a cartoon, so I did this cartoon for Liberation about it. So far, you are the first American journalist that’s asked me to talk about it. I’ll talk about it, yeah.

  • CMH


    • I am amazed he is still goin!

    • mauser 98

      sheesh , he is still around

  • Xavier

    You don’t have journalists over there anymore, what they have is public relations people. That’s what they have over in America now. Two-hundred and fifty thousand people in public relations.

    Each with the same two goals as our politicians: push socialism and get rich at the expense of the masses.

    • David Murrell

      Read some of Saturday’s Globe and Mail. To show how cowardly this newspaper is, it (1) features as the most controversial news item the Dalhousie University dentist school scandal, and (2) featured a longwinded, and irrelevant, story about the history of satire in France, where the left-wing writer, towards the end of the overlong piece, states that some satirist veer off into criticising ethnic groups — all the while not mentioning Islam or Islamist intimidation of journalists. So the Globe — which needless to say didn’t bother to reprint some of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons — missed the entire point of controversial journalism.

      Ps. The CBC is getting hammered, after its announcement that it would NOT be reprinting some of the Hebdo cartoons, for not wanting to offend Muslim sensibilities. And most of the commenters, in the comments section, are fairly left wing. But they are fed up with the CBC News’s cowardice.

      • b_marco

        … is it cowardice though? AFAIK CBC advocates consider themselves arbiters of Canadian values (such as the polite Canadian trope). I think it’s like Crumb says.. their minds can’t comprehend the positive aspects of intentional offense.

        • SDMatt

          They, like the rest of the Left, are defenders of the faiths – Mohammadanism and Multiculturalism.

  • Barrington Minge

    Looks very like a mooslim arse to me..flies et al

  • b_marco

    The Cancer of Advocacy Journalism

    Unless journalists are held to the accepted norms of their profession, they play a dangerous role in a democracy. Bias is not the issue here, since everybody has bias; rather, the issue is abandonment of long-understood professional practice. Journalists, editors included, who refuse to check facts and confirm accounts, especially salacious claims, are propagandists and should be publicly labeled as such.

    • They proved themselves incapable of doing their jobs with the refusal to publish the Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

  • Jan Morrissy

    WOW The best cartoonist ever, imo! This is awesome 😀

  • Dana Garcia

    R Crumb was a major innovator of objectionable cartoons, from Snatch Comix to Angelfood McSpade and the horny Felix the Cat.

    Plus he also prognosticated the internet in the ’60s.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I still wear a Mr.Natural T-shirt…

  • It’s called free speech. In case you liberals need a lesson.

  • Dudley Morris

    At least the Observer linked to the cartoon, which is more than you can say for the NY Times.

  • god

    Given there is an institutional status quo currently controlling the rah rah drums of war against their imaginary enemy, radical religious thought is through out all religions and they are playing us for fools. With no critical media thought, yet again, why is what the satirical journalist doing not being done right now and instead of exactly the opposite, claiming that these journalist were on “own side”–the side of the who. Their is no Western conspiracy theory against us and the spin on this concept that there is a we and a they is crazy. The Islamic faith holders are no more responsible for solving murder and wars created in their lands by western powers for their oil, pipelines and opium. This desire to claim that the made up middle east where despots were set up by the English Empire is a problem for those who do not honor heredity powers established for Royal control of thought and rights of all.. And the dominate radical christian institutions have had many witch hunts and spinning another is beyond rational thought but the emotional simple minded cannot understand satire so have assumed that this radical cartoon magazine was mocking them. If you support charlie than do not let this IRAQ WAR drum sound again. Who listened to the Paris marchers when Toni and Bush and their meeting with the pope permitted them to defy rule of law and the world walks to not go bomb and leave the muslims homeless in their own lands. How many times is the so called West, this is not my west and it was not charlie’s west either. Currently not respecting our freedom of expression or association as demonstrated by Christian and organized christian social biased lawyers are challenging our rights to be free. Religious conservatives of all faiths do not respect freedom and do not respect the rights of woman to equality and these men that kill and want to keep killing in the name of their Gods and their desires to stop freedom as when the commons view themselves as free they demand knowledge and access to equality of opportunity and want all children to be educated not held in cults where they grow up to be ignorant. When ignorant the ability of those who claim religious freedom is the indoctrination and isolation of children away from knowledge then we too are guilty of creating these radical as they do want to govern with religious and state powers and do. Woman are not determined by their wombs and religious men of all faiths want us reduced to house their seeds. These radical thinkers have more in common and more desires to not permit their own followers to be free and change their minds about their own cult based clothes,. Now that Catholic woman do not have to cover their head, they do not want any one to cover their head. Let us all cover our head and morn the self righteous who do not “know thyself” Let us behave and have sex when we want and with who we want irregardless if their concept of Church based cult beliefs find us immoral. Let us call marriage for what it is tax planning for conservative families at the expense of the individual taxpayers who chose to be an individual but are not treated fairly by their government as a couple, a man and a woman, is the preferred model and rings on fingers is how they like to sell their wares and make sure that the diamond men have a place to offer their gems. How many children are homeless due to Western bombing and for how long is this industrial war machine and arms production going to continue to be the capitalist commercial vehicle to carbon reduce. If one rule of law applies to all and we are all free and equal in Canada then why are some getting more entitlements based on their religious beliefs. And why are those who are not religious forced to fund them when Canada is not to legislate any religious, including the Queen’s which is Canada should not still be a condition of the Governor General to follow. Native religious thought is missing in Canada because the native’s faith based beliefs were not and are not acceptable to the immigrants. What would Charlie ridicule about those people who are us. The conservative social movement that is playing out in the media because of big nosed mad men drawings is unrelated to what those cartoonists were doing. Murder of the innocent is not a religious event and should not be played out like it is and only the ignorant with their own agenda’s stir the public, who is not well educated because of religious based education and a lack of funding by our governments. Radical defending of freedom regarding gifting more income to.any religious believers who will not respect all our freedom as they like to pick and have a law that lets them ignoring the essence of democracy. So draw and protest freedom of men to abuse woman and freedom religious leaders to deny children a quality equal education, but do not call murders religious members of any faith as doing so violates God and journalists who died to support freedom because their security screwed up needs investigation as it is getting to predictable in the west to see the flaws as patterns of all nations. Oh we know who they are but we want to tax you more to deny you freedom so that they will not harm you. This is the spin and we heard this before. If the French and the American and the British and the Canadians and the Spanish security are all so flawed that they cannot even stop what they say they know then perhaps they should be fired and we get a new type of security with better brains. Too many of those who are to protect our local streets are getting killed which is indicative of criminals not radicals. And we should fear our government as they are off on another war path and if you can not see what they are up to, then you have missed the point of the satirical press and no we do not have one as ours is a concentrated ownership model and the status quo is not wanting their public to be free, just like they did not back in the 60’s when they shot and killed student themselves and got away with it.

    • Minicapt

      Brevity exemplifies wit.


  • John

    Cheap Thrills! “Combination of the two”: A great warm up song.

  • PR8ZS8N

    Crumb is an idiot. Overrated, vulgar, self righteous and judgmental as all hell.

  • shmindrake

    “Crumb mocks the fear and hypocrisy shared by himself and his fellow cartoonists.”

    What hypocrisy???