Police accused of ‘setting up’ Muslims by asking them to find an ISIS flag for Man Haron Monis during the Lindt Cafe siege

Activist and Muslim convert Rebecca Kay

Members of the Muslim community feel they were set up by police who contacted them asking for an ISIS flag during the Sydney siege, a prominent activist says.

Rebecca Kay, who converted to Islam and is now a well-known and outspoken community member, was called by an officer from NSW Police Counter-Terrorism about four hours after Man Haron Monis took 18 hostages in the Lindt café in Martin Place on December 15.

The officer said Monis was demanding an ISIS flag and asked Ms Kay to help police find one, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

She agreed to make phone calls even though she knew it would be a difficult task finding someone willing to admit they owned a flag relating to the terrorist group…

…But Ms Kay said the situation compromised her relationships with some people she contacted, who were suspicious about her request and accused her of being a police informant…

When you convert to a “religion” that is full of violent criminals, you might expect a few problems, you idiotic twit.