Pictured – INSIDE the freezer at Kosher deli: Terrified hostages cradle a child and send desperate text messages to loved ones as crazed fanatic was in standoff with armed police upstairs

This image, taken by one of the hostages themselves, shows the scene inside a freezer where shoppers feared for their lives as an Islamist gunman took control of a kosher deli in Paris. One woman is seen clutching a baby as they huddle together for warmth

Huddled together for warmth amid cardboard boxes of food, these pictures show terrified shoppers hiding in a freezer during the armed siege of the Kosher deli in Paris…

…Above them crazed fanatic Amedy Coulibaly was in a standoff with police, having stormed the Hyper Cacher in the Porte de Vincennes area of the city, taking 19 hostages and shooting three of them dead on the spot…

I do not think these guys were crazy at all. Just vicious killers, pumped up with Islamic violence.

More photos at the link.