Paris attacks: Why this could happen in Britain – If half of this is true then Britain IS being run by the Incompetent

“…Within hours of the Paris attack, one of those at the Commons meeting, an activist with the supposedly “non-violent” extremist group Cage, was tweeting that “responsibility [for the murders] lies with the CH [Charlie Hebdo]. You mock and insult 1.5 billion people and their religion in the name of ‘freedom of expression.’ Don’t play victim now.”

Claystone, though claiming to be an “independent think tank” seeking to promote “greater tolerance” and “community cohesion,” is in fact closely linked to some of Britain’s most notorious extremists, sorry “political dissenters,” including Haitham al-Haddad, who has reportedly described Jews as the “descendants of apes and pigs”.

In a previous report, Claystone’s press contact number was the same as for the Federation of Student Islamic Societies, an Islamist-dominated group that has hosted numerous extremist and terrorist speakers at its annual conferences and has been condemned by ministers for its “failure to fully challenge terrorist and extremist ideology”.

Yet, perhaps alarmingly, several members of the liberal Establishment appear to have fallen for all these deceits. As well as Ms Qureshi, attendees at Claystone’s Commons meeting last week included the celebrated lawyer and Labour peer Baroness Helena Kennedy and other parliamentarians, including a former Cabinet minister.”