One Kumbaya March Can’t Stop Islamism or Cleanse Europe of Jew-Hatred

The spectacle of more than a million people taking to the streets of Paris in protest against the attacks against the massacres at Charlie Hebdo and a kosher market is in and of itself a good thing.

The condemnations of Islamist terror from a broad cross-section of French society and the willingness of many world leaders, including some from Arab and Muslim nations, to take part in the event is encouraging to those who have noted with dismay not only the assault on free speech but also the many attacks on Jews in Europe in recent years.

This has led some to express the hope that the march will mark a turning point in the struggle against Islamist terror and anti-Semitism in which a unified European continent will somehow reject hatred.

But while it would be wrong to react to what is being portrayed by the cable and broadcast networks as a transcendent kumbaya moment with pure cynicism, it is important that no one should think a march can by itself undo the wide support that is given Islamist ideology in the Arab world.

Nor should we confuse bromidic statements by leaders with policies that will end the delegitimization of Israel and the Jews…

h/t Marvin

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Until we are able to name our enemy, let alone describe his nature, not much else matters.

    • Mickey Oberman

      We know who the enemy is but too many are afraid of offending them by naming them.
      I start at the very top of a long list. ISLAM. KORAN. SAUDI ARABIA. IRAN. TURKEY. OBAMA.

      As for the European anti Semites. They will very soon be the new dhimmis of the swelling caliphates epidemic of Europe.

  • Censored_often

    Aw, c’mon… Everyone knows the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists had it coming due to the offensive cartoons, and the Jews had it coming due to the actions of the State of Israel.

    Does anyone believe otherwise? Is the above not a typical opinion of many French citizens, Muslim or not?

  • Jay Currie

    The “solidarity” March is done. Now we see if France and the rest of the West is serious about political Islam. I have some suggestions at my place but a good place for the French to start is by retaking the no go areas.

  • Ron MacDonald

    I predict that within six months the West will mount a major attack against ISIS.

  • Linda1000

    Over at Brietbart News, P. Geller’s article on her interview with one of the Jewish hostages at the supermarket is worth the read. His name is Joseph and he also speaks of the murder of a Jewish friend, a DJ murdered by his best friend an Arab muslim over a decade ago. Read about the anti-Semitic justice system in France. Many Jews are desperate to leave France and want to go to the U.S. so why isn’t it being made easier for them? Same for Canada, I’d take millions of Jewish people any day over one muslim because Jews don’t want to kill me.
    This second article (2010) about the murder of the Jewish DJ is long but gives a good picture of daily life for Jews in France.

  • John

    There were virtually NO Muslims at these rallies. They had one imam, an Imam Chalgoumi who is moderate, who is from Drancy, and who is vilified by France’s Muslims. He’s the ‘typical’ representative as presented by our betters. France’s show of solidarity was only attended by old stock Frenchmen and some of the country’s non-Muslims. So much for solidairty.