Malaysian ex-PM and Islamoloon Mahathir Mohamad slams Paris victims for insulting Islam

Mahathir Mohamad, devout Muslim

MALAYSIA’S former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has become the first prominent international figure to respond to the Paris murders by primarily criticising the victims.

mahathir-mohamad-quote-that-was-the-whole-tone-of-my-speech-but-theyMahathir Mohamad, Jew-hating kook

While adding, “I do not condone these killings”, he said in Kuala Lumpur about the Charlie Hebdo victims: “They committed despicable acts such as insulting prophet Mohammed”.

They did not respect Islam, said Dr Mahathir — who was described by then Australian prime minister Paul Keating as “recalcitrant” in 1993.

“They like to do caricatures regarding religious issues,” said the still highly influential Malaysian figure. “This is an act of provocation”…

…He asked: “What’s the use of them making fun of the prophet Mohammed even when they know it will annoy Muslims? We respect their religion, and they must respect ours…