Islamophobia Is a Myth

The British press has never seemed as out of touch as it is today. All our broadsheet papers are packed with pleas to the people of France, and other European populations, not to turn into Muslim-killing nutjobs in response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. The Guardian frets over “Islamophobes seizing this atrocity to advance their hatred.” The Financial Times is in a spin about “Islamophobic extremists” using the massacre to “[challenge] the tolerance on which Europe has built its peace.” One British hack says we should all “fear the coming Islamophobic backlash.” And what actually happened in France as these dead-tree pieces about a possible Islamophobic backlash made their appearance? Jews were assaulted. And killed. “Don’t attack Muslims,” lectures the press as Jews are attacked.

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  • Ed

    In the 1997 comedy “Liar Liar” Jim Carrey plays a lawyer that can’t tell a lie for 24 hours. If this was to happen in real life, every mainstream media headline would scream “French terrorist attack risks creating more conservative voters!”

  • minuteman

    “Islamophobia is a myth” for no other reason than a phobia is an irrational fear, and there is nothing irrational about fearing 2 billion people whose leaders want you dead.

  • JoKeR
    • RevnantDream

      lol good picture

  • The legacy British press is doing what it can to force readers on to the internet. Why read obviously incorrect politically correct lies?

  • roccolore

    A myth invented by Muslims who hate freedom.