Gwynne Dyer on Muslim refugees from Syria

He opens his attack by discussing the German anti-Islam (PEGIDA) protests (pictured above):

The language of the immigration debate in Germany has got harsh and extreme… Anti-immigrant sentiment in Western countries is always highest where there are few or no immigrants. In big German cities like Hamburg, Berlin and Stuttgart that do have large immigrant populations, the counter-demonstrators outnumbered the Pegida protesters ten-to-one.

Of course there are large turnouts in cities with immigrants — the immigrants and their descendants show up themselves.  Nor has PEGIDA had time to organize in other cities.  It is a new phenomenon.

Then there is his explanation for why there are so many Muslim refugees around the world:

This is not a Muslim plot to colonize Europe. It’s just that a large majority of the refugees in the world are Muslims. At least three-quarters of the world’s larger wars are civil wars in Muslim countries like Syria (by far the biggest source of new refugees), Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and Libya.

No, it is not a plot in the sense that somewhere people are sitting down and organizing it.

But note two things: it is the violence intrinsic to Islam that is creating the refugees in the first place.  So why bring even more believers to the West?

And even if no one is organizing the movement of Muslims to the West, you can bet that many Muslims the world over are cheering it on.