Gwynne Dyer on Muslim refugees from Syria

He opens his attack by discussing the German anti-Islam (PEGIDA) protests (pictured above):

The language of the immigration debate in Germany has got harsh and extreme… Anti-immigrant sentiment in Western countries is always highest where there are few or no immigrants. In big German cities like Hamburg, Berlin and Stuttgart that do have large immigrant populations, the counter-demonstrators outnumbered the Pegida protesters ten-to-one.

Of course there are large turnouts in cities with immigrants — the immigrants and their descendants show up themselves.  Nor has PEGIDA had time to organize in other cities.  It is a new phenomenon.

Then there is his explanation for why there are so many Muslim refugees around the world:

This is not a Muslim plot to colonize Europe. It’s just that a large majority of the refugees in the world are Muslims. At least three-quarters of the world’s larger wars are civil wars in Muslim countries like Syria (by far the biggest source of new refugees), Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and Libya.

No, it is not a plot in the sense that somewhere people are sitting down and organizing it.

But note two things: it is the violence intrinsic to Islam that is creating the refugees in the first place.  So why bring even more believers to the West?

And even if no one is organizing the movement of Muslims to the West, you can bet that many Muslims the world over are cheering it on.

  • ntt1

    Be gentle with this old progressive war horse. his fashionable distressed leather jacket has been responsible for most of his utterances this last decade. dwyer is now reduced to manikin status providing merely warmth, locomotion and sustanance to the jacket.

    • Reader

      I stopped listening to him over a decade ago when he was preaching Global Warming and saying that the solution was to release ultrafine sulfur particles in the upper atmosphere to reduce the sunlight!

      • ntt1

        I always figured he had married well into the CBC circles, there was no apparent reason for his lionization as a sage, Plus I found his delivery reminded me of Charles Nelson Reilly, not that there is anything wrong with that of course.

  • DD_Austin

    Gwynne Dyer BA,MA, PHD
    work history naval reservist, lecturer

    notice a pattern here: doesn’t work and never had to.

    Progressive Leech and would be man of munich appeaser

    • winniec

      Very contradictory. How confused is he? If so, why does anyone care what he thinks?

    • Clausewitz

      I think his thesis for his PHD was, “Everything that Canada has ever done in the two World Wars was wrong”. Had a chance to do a peer reviewed study on some of his books. Very little in the manner of facts, very high on progressive opinion.

  • winniec

    Dyer has no idea of the word Hegira which paired with Jihad forms the third most important Islamic doctrine. (All Islamic doctrines are contradictory pairs.) Since most of Islam is contradictory, it should be easy for Dyer to understand it with his experience.

  • simus1

    That pathetic effort still lives?
    How unfortunate for western civilization.

  • David Murrell

    In my hometown, the Frederricton Daily Gleaner publishes

    • Frau Katze

      Yikes! I’ve not read much of him, thank goodness.

    • Knock knock, it’s reality

      First of all, do not be subjective. Majority of people living in Israel came from elsewhere. Second of all, we should condemn the synagogue bombing as well as the mosques being burnt daily by Israelis. Furthermore, your lack of understanding to the politics of Arab states is clearly evident with that statement of yours. Just because a couple of dictators run several countries does not mean all countries run in the same way. So please, do not generalize. or supply us with false facts. Returning to the point of Israel, what is wrong with having the state of Palestine anyway? It is their own right to live on their land with their own government. They have been living this way for centuries before the arrival of Jewish immigrants from all parts of the globe to compensate for the holocaust, along with Zionist influence. Moreover, lets not forget the men, women, and children Israel kills daily in order to expand their settlements. As for my final point, look at the Gaza stripe attack, Israel CLEARLY broke several international laws and have made war-crimes. In conclusion, check what you write before starting to talk nonsense.

  • mauser 98

    …Dyer ,, was a sharp guy 20 years ago…. still looking at Kate Upton add above

    • simus1

      …… for a guy who looked like the sun woke him up every other morning while he was laying face down in some gutter……….

  • Rosenmops

    At least three-quarters of the world’s larger wars are civil warsin Muslim countries …

    Funny that.

  • cmh

    We all know about this idiot…. he ranks up there with Prince Charles

  • Clausewitz

    Dyer and Margolis are the twin dildo’s of Islamic dhimmiutude in Canada.