Fear radical Islam — and fight back #CharlieHebdo

France is at war.

Or don’t you think it’s war? What would you call it – a series of unfortunate events?

It’s a war. Every day the same enemy violently attacks France for the same reason, under the same name. The enemy is radical Islam.

  • disqus_PwGxBXHn8l

    THe only viable approach to that sort of thing is that all media who make claims that it isn’t really about Islamic terror should receive a massive drop in readership and viewership. The CBC should be defunded, as should all organizations that, by misrepresenting the gravity of the situation, abet it.

    Is there a serious move to defund the CBC? Not aggrieved crackpots, but people who see that – in the current environment – that sort of legacy medium is simply a distributor of propaganda that those who oppose it are forced to fund, while seeking real news elsewhere. Denyse O’Leary, Ottawa

    • Denis George Miller

      one of the big reasons I do not financially support the conservative party anymore is their refusal to defund the CBC.

      • disqus_PwGxBXHn8l

        Have the Conservatives explained their rationale? An argument can be made that they would be courting disaster by providing the progressives with a rallying cause that they can make SOUND LIKE a freedom of broadcasting cause to the low-information voter.

        A cleverer strategy might be needed. Could they make over the CBC to the Toronto Star, for example? Okay wouldn’t work. But it needs to be something that SOUNDS okay to the Toronto Annex mom who dresses her toddler in adorable little Che Guevara tees.

  • chayisun

    Please. It is NOT radical islam. It is the whole world of islam that is the enemy. NOT a “small” group of sick individuals who follow the koran to the letter. It is the local imam preaching hate, it is your average muslim who believes the teachings of these thugs known as imams. It is the one’s who follow the teachings of a child molesting long dead violent mohammad. It is anyone who follows islam. They are an army of death and destruction.

  • winniec

    Stephen Harper boldly called it a war against the West. Justin Trudeau has been 100% silent. Silence means approval of Islamic terrorism and Islamic censorship.

    • ntt1

      Of course it does, Turdo la doo is just a white bread version of the cowardly Obama.

  • Jason

    For those who didn’t want to spend 30 minutes watching the video, you might reconsider. I haven’t seen much by him recently but It seemed to me that he said some things that are *never* said in mainstream media. I know, it’s Ezra Levant – that’s what he does, but even for him, it was pretty bold stuff, I thought.
    I particularly liked his discussion of “islamaphobia” – fear of islam (strictly speaking, it would be an irrational fear of islam). We all, he said, are afraid – legitimately – of the ideology of islam (his words), and could respond to that fear in essentially three ways: 1) denial (the mainstream media’s approach and that of perhaps most folk in our societies), 2) submission/capitulation and 3) resistance. According to him, Israel, perhaps alone among western, civilized nations, had passed through the denial stage and was into acceptance – and resistance – and could still thrive despite being afraid and surrounded by enemies.

  • Barrington Minge

    It is NOT war on radical Islam. It is war in Islam. Simples!