#CharlieHebdo gunman headbutted neighbour for listening to ‘infidel’ pop music

A Muslim explains the danger of music: you “get deviated.”  Hey, these people will assimilate easily!  Let’s bring in thousands more.

Charlie Hebdo gunman Cherif Kouachi once headbutted his neighbour for listening to ‘infidels’ music.

The extremist’s violent past was laid bare by the man who said he was attacked by the 32-year-old and later threatened when he tried to press charges against him.

The neighbour, who did not want to be named for fear of reprisals, said Kouachi would often knock on his door and complain that he was listening to pop music, which he said was ‘haram’ or sinful…

…The neighbour said: ‘I answered, saying: ‘I’m paying my rent, I have the right to listen to whatever I want’…

Islamic logic: Music is bad, killing people is fine.