Biased BBC: “Palestinians suffered hugely at Jewish hands” — BBC’s Tim Wilcox to scared Jewish lady in Paris:

h/t Elder of Ziyon

  • BillyHW

    God won’t help the Europeans unless they give up their Jew-hatred.

    • Frau Katze

      Nope. I think they’re done for.

    • Santos2

      They can’t give that up. If they did they would have absolutely no identity left. Jew hatred is it.

  • Destroyer-Drone

    The BBC shows its true colours again. And they inadvertently lift the veil on the true purpose behind this worldwide media farce: namely the need to whitewash, condone, and deviate the islamic danger towards lousy allegations of israeli brutality.

    BBC Watch > BBC proper.

  • Gary

    Right, and that’s why the UN lists palestine in the top-10 nations for an Obesity crisis and the women there are ranked 3rd in the World for Obesity.

    Seriously folks , the Population for palestine since 1948 is up 400% and they have an obesity crisis.
    Enough with PRIDE’s QuAIA propaganda Jew-bashing that their is a Genocide and starvation plot by the Jooooooos.

  • ontario john

    So the media all day are singing the praises of islamic leaders being in the march today. Does this mean those cartoons can be shown in Palestine or Jordon. Don’t think so. And Saudi Slavery also denounced the killings. Strange, they just flogged a person for basically the same thing. No marches or outrage from Western leaders about a guy getting 1000 lashes. Meanwhile the most gross outrages are happening in Nigeria by moderate muslims but no marches about that. To all those people I would like to revamp that famous line, “its the economy stupid” and say “its islam stupid”.

    • Destroyer-Drone

      It’s islam, stupid. My thoughts exactly.

      You could be forgiven for thinking these recent attacks were perpetrated by jews.

  • simus1

    BBC’s Tim Wilcox, their typical marxist POS hire doing his masters pro muslim terrorist bidding.

    • Gary

      We used to have Avi Lewis but he now bows to Makkah 5 times a day with his new job working for the Qatar owned Media outlet .
      Imagine that , selling you soul for a few moments of fame at the CBC and Al-Jazeera .

      • simus1

        Hopefully, Avi bears the full weight of three very heavy crosses which one might confidently expect to make his life a living hell.

  • Tony

    The Biased Broadcasting Corporation lost any credibility it had years ago!

  • “Readers no doubt recall that just two months ago, Willcox made use of the age-old stereotype of ‘rich Jews’ and failed to challenge the ‘Jewish lobby’ trope in a programme he was hosting.”

    • k

      How come no one ever asks about all those rich old Arabs????