WTF? Whoever heard of a Jihadi named Ashton

Jihadi Wannabe Twins to ‘vigorously defend’ against terror charges

The lawyer for two brothers charged with terrorism-related offences says his clients intend to “vigorously defend” themselves against the allegations.

Carlos Larmond, 24, and Ashton Carleton Larmond, also 24, were arrested Friday following what the RCMP called a “national security criminal investigation.”

Carlos Larmond, who was arrested in Montreal at the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport, has been charged with attempting to leave Canada to participate in terrorist activity abroad, and participating in the activity of a terrorist group.

Ashton Carleton Larmond was arrested in Ottawa, and charged with facilitating terrorist activity, participation in the activity of a terrorist group and instructing to carry out activity for a terrorist group.

Lawyer Joseph Addelman, who is currently representing both brothers, described the charges as “serious.”

“They carry possibility of life in prison,” he told reporters in Ottawa on Saturday. “Obviously they’re very serious allegations that the public is going to be concerned about, the justice system is going to be concerned about.”

  • ntt1

    sure they look kinda white bread but once they make rakka they can score cool new arabic names like abu sahida or mohamed camel mohamed

  • Pete_Brewster

    Has the father been reached for comment?

  • cmh

    “Only in Canada eh”? play on red rose tea commercial

  • cmh

    since ‘life’ in canada usually means 7 years they dont have to worry too much

  • cmh

    what a stupid gd law….let them go. charge them IF they make it back. what a stupid effen law.

  • TJ

    Removing their western name is part of the transition to Islam. They just have not gone that far yet for the cops to call them by their Muslim name. They will get it done in prison

  • RachelG

    Jewish lawyer?