Vox: #CharlieHebdo attack had nothing to do with Islam, or even cartoons – just men on a killing spree

…[T]his isn’t about Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons, any more than a rape is about what the victim is wearing, or a murder is about where the victim was walking.

What happened on Wednesday, according to current reports, is that two men went on a killing spree. Their killing spree, like most killing sprees, will have some thin rationale. Even the worst villains believe themselves to be heroes. But in truth, it was unprovoked slaughter.

The fault lies with no one but them and their accomplices. Their crime isn’t explained by cartoons or religion. Plenty of people read Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons and managed to avoid responding with mass murder. Plenty of people follow all sorts of religions and somehow get through the day without racking up a body count.

The answers to what happened today won’t be found in Charlie Hebdo’s pages. They can only be found in the murderers’ sick minds…

…[W]e shouldn’t buy into the bullshit narrative of a few madmen that their murders were a response to some cartoons…

Peak Vox?

One of the problems with this bizarre attitude is that it ignores what the killers said themselves. The writer is effectively saying that killers’ own words should count for nothing.