Vox: #CharlieHebdo attack had nothing to do with Islam, or even cartoons – just men on a killing spree

…[T]his isn’t about Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons, any more than a rape is about what the victim is wearing, or a murder is about where the victim was walking.

What happened on Wednesday, according to current reports, is that two men went on a killing spree. Their killing spree, like most killing sprees, will have some thin rationale. Even the worst villains believe themselves to be heroes. But in truth, it was unprovoked slaughter.

The fault lies with no one but them and their accomplices. Their crime isn’t explained by cartoons or religion. Plenty of people read Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons and managed to avoid responding with mass murder. Plenty of people follow all sorts of religions and somehow get through the day without racking up a body count.

The answers to what happened today won’t be found in Charlie Hebdo’s pages. They can only be found in the murderers’ sick minds…

…[W]e shouldn’t buy into the bullshit narrative of a few madmen that their murders were a response to some cartoons…

Peak Vox?

One of the problems with this bizarre attitude is that it ignores what the killers said themselves. The writer is effectively saying that killers’ own words should count for nothing.

  • Pete_Brewster

    These were not madmen. These were trained professional killers, and this was an act of war—a war that will end when Islam is relieved of the ability to make war on the civilized world.

    To tolerate Islam a moment longer will pay no dividends. To destroy it will be no loss.

    To paraphrase Kathy Shaidle, to not demand the complete and utter annihilation of Islam, without mercy or unnecessary delay, is the true sign of lunacy.

    • Achmed

      These people were idiots.

      They aren’t supposed to start doing these sorts of things until we are at least 10 to 15% of the population!

      • winniec

        You have a point. They have merely awakened the sleeping French giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.

        • Pete_Brewster

          Why yes. I remember how September 11 wakened the American sleeping giant. Remember the footage of the ruins of the Ka’aba taken from 30,000 feet because of the radiation? The stunned look on Hillary Clinton’s face as she lay dead beside Huma Abedin?

          Why, I put myself through university with the money I made putting down Dearborn ragheads during Operation Garbage Disposal and had enough to buy a brick for the Third Temple in Jerusalem…

          Oh! Wait! Never mind!

    • winniec

      Sharia law actually authorizes every single private Muslim to commit vigilante murder of blasphemers if the state does not do it.
      They need not be ‘professionals’ as you say. They may use ‘stones, an automobile or push someone from a high place’ as ISIS suggested.

      • wakeup

        Toronto has a hit-&-run a day … never told WHO HIT the victim……….. I think we can guess WHO they are though eh?.

        Criminals are always shielded by their cultural spokes groups.
        WAKE-UP Social Science people the criminals are laughing at your foolish heads.

      • Pete_Brewster

        I know. My point is these weren’t criminally disturbed young men who had learned on the internet how to make bombs in their mom’s kitchen. They were soldiers with access to machine guns, their actions carefully choreographed.

        (And no, don’t dare tell me the police took them down. That was theatre. They’re in Doha laughing their heads off.)

        They knew exactly what they were doing, and they had plenty of help. French intelligence were convinced to look the other way at the wrong moment. One day we’ll find out who made that call and why.

        • Linda1000

          So what you are saying is that the two Kouachi brothers running around France for a couple of days were just a diversion to keep the police occupied and public fooled to let the real terrorist killers get away from the Charlie Hebdo offices? Do you think the Emir of Doha sent a pro hit team to take out the cartoonists because they had become too irritating and the Emir is sending the message to France of “bow to Islam now, we own you”. The three terrorists shot in the end were just collateral damage for the operation and weren’t the real killers? What is the message to France? Qatar and Saudi have enough financial and economic clout in Britain and Europe they don’t have to use guns, they just need to make a couple of phone calls and list their demands.

          • Pete_Brewster

            Yes. A small army wasn’t needed to rein two people. That was theatre. While everyone was distracted the killers will have quietly snuck out of France, never to be heard from again.

            And yes, both Doha and the Élysée benefitted from disposing of a pesky gadfly and making the rest of France think twice before insulting the religion of France’s creditors again. As a bonus Hollande got to look like a hero and not a cruel joke.

            One day we’ll find out who paid for the guns. Whoever that was was able to persuade French intelligence to look the other way. They had stopped monitoring the Kouachi brothers months earlier.

          • b_marco

            … it was the Teigs.

  • Mark Spark

    If I ever ran for political office…my slogan would be: VOTE FOR ME AND FUCK OFF LIBERAL FUCKTARDS.

    • b_marco


  • kkruger71

    This argument might hold water if it was a one-off, like the White Album or something, but when worldwide there is more than one attack per day for years and years, at some point the source these people cite and quote HAS TO come into question.
    I know this is like a broken record at this point, but if ANY other source was named, Christianity, video games, music, politics, at some point these people would be at least looking at them. Aren’t these apologists the same people that want to find “root causes” of every other issue?

    • b_marco

      AFAIK most spree killers don’t have their own magazine.

  • occupant 9

    It is of necessity that the Left ignore the murderer’s own words. They must mean nothing. If fact, the entire ediface of the Leftist’s mantra is predicated on the rewriting of the narrative to suit their own reality, which of course, doesn’t exist.

    And there’s nothing worse than being hectered by a Leftist who can’t understand how you don’t see, let alone completely agree with their imaginary reality.

    • Pete_Brewster

      Well, to the left words mean whatever they want them to mean. They’re a means to an end (getting normal people to act against their own best interest). The idea that the arselifters mean what they say is quite beyond them.

      That’s a major reason Iranian communists supported the Islamic revolution, for which they were rewarded with swift liquidation after Khomeini had seen off the Shah.

  • winniec

    Islam is anti-humanistic. This VOX writer is a perfect example of the Libtarded cultural Marxist.
    They plead for us to believe that their proxy killers of freedom (the Muslim ‘noble savages’) are FINE, FINE people. The terrorists don’t ‘actually’ represent Islam, because the Libtards know little if anything about Sharia law.
    Sharia law authorizes private Muslims to commit murder of blasphemers if the state does not do it.
    The VOX Leftard is speaking without any knowledge of Sharia whatsoever. Shame on those who published it.

    • k

      I think this guy only understands war played as in WWI & WWII …not in a Vietnam style war in an urban setting

  • It just so happens that these shooting sprees are always caused by cells of “lone wolves” whose “mental illnesses” involve Islamism in some way.

    And there always seems to be a lot of them.

    It must be some coincidence.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    “The writer is effectively saying that killers’ own words should count for nothing.”
    A common practice among those who are full of it themselves.

  • b_marco

    Yes nothing ever has anything to do with anything else, unless it does, in which case “everything is connected”. Ah well rock on apocalypse.