US: It seems there was a statue of Mohammed in New York for fifty years

The Appellate Courthouse in Manhattan, where a statue of the Prophet Muhammad once stood on top with other great lawgivers. Credit Bryan R. Smith for The New York Times

nyc_mo0001The only photo of the statue I can locate (easily) on the Internet

For the first half of the 20th century, an eight-foot-tall marble statue of the Prophet Muhammad overlooked Madison Square Park from the rooftop of the Appellate Division Courthouse at Madison Avenue and 25th Street.

Sixty years ago, the statue was quietly removed, in an episode that now looks, in light of recent events in Paris, like the model of tact, restraint and diplomacy.

What had spared the sensibilities of Muslim passers-by from 1902 to 1955 was that “Muhammad,” by the Mexican sculptor Charles Albert Lopez, was among nine other lawgivers, including Confucius and Moses.

After New York’s polluted air had finished with the sugary stone, trying to figure out who was whom from street level, three very tall stories below the courthouse rooftop, would have been a fool’s game…

…“They probably didn’t know he was there,” George T. Campbell, the chief clerk of the Appellate Division, First Department, said in 1955, when the statue was finally removed out of deference to Muslims, to whom depictions of the prophet are an affront.

(For the same reason, The New York Times has chosen not to publish photographs of the statue with this article)…

…It was not until 1953, when the Appellate Division announced that long-needed repairs were to be made at the crumbling courthouse, that the identity of one of the statues as a representation of Muhammad was widely recalled…

Public discussion of the project, however, had alerted the embassies of Egypt, Indonesia and Pakistan to the existence of “Muhammad.” They asked the State Department to intervene with the city’s public works commissioner…

As always, NYT appeases Muslims big time, whilst happily insulting other religions.

  • Clausewitz

    With this claim it comforts me to know that it means that NY pigeons have been shitting on it all during that time.

    • Frau Katze


  • Alain

    Unless one is Muslim it is ridiculous to attach the title of prophet to Mohammed.

    • Frau Katze

      I completely agree. More MSM b.s.

      • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

        The same media that refers to Joseph Smith as ‘the Mormon prophet’ doesn’t ever refer to Muhammad as ‘the Islamic prophet’.

  • Martin B

    There’s a sculpture of Big Mo, holding a sword no less, on the north wall of the Supreme Court building in DC, dating from 1935. He’s one of 18 law-givers carved in stone, along with Hammurabi, Moses etc. Apparently CAIR squawked & demanded he be removed back in 1997, objecting among other things to the sword that “reinforced long-held stereotypes of Muslims as intolerant conquerors”:

    Objections denied by Justice Rehnquist, stone Mo is still there.

    • Good for him!

    • John

      Yeah CAIR wanted it removed, but the request was refused.

      Of course, had they done so they could’ve just stuck a turbaned dildo holding a sword in its place.

  • Pooop Face

    New york times a bunch of coward assholes not showing the picture