Star’s Heather Mallick On CBC’s Side – Piss Christ Is Ok But Showing #CharlieHebdo Cartoons Makes You BushHarperHitler

The Star’s lunatic in residence Heather Mallick has spoken!

“No Canadians should publish Charlie Hebdo cartoons”

Being the liar she is Mallick pretends not to understand Jason Kenney’s reference to the CBC’s elastic principles and writes:

“B.C. Conservative MP Dan Albas, a former martial arts store owner in Penticton, said the CBC should show the images, arguing that the Rick Mercer Report, This Hour Has 22 Minutes and the Royal Canadian Air Farce have used satire “to poke comedic fun” for “comedic interpretation.”Who talks like that? And who thinks the Air Farce was funny, ever?

Jason Kenney agreed in a mysterious tweet about urine, which should end the matter right there.”

Kenney’s tweet (embedded below) was clearly referencing the CBC’s decision to post the alleged art work “Piss Christ” ( see pic below) but not the Hebdo cartoons, an act of breathtaking hypocrisy even by CBC standards.  Twitter and other media have savaged the CBC since their decision to sanction mob censorship but Mallick as ususal pretends to be blissfully unaware of any fact that gets in the way of her narrative.

The rest of her rant runs the full gamut of the Mallick oeuvre – BushHarperHitler. H/T oj

CBC  Piss Christ

PS. More CBC hypocrisy “The Altar Boy Gang”

CBC Altar Boy Gang

  • Ron MacDonald

    Enjoy it while it lasts Mallick the Toronto Star probably won’t exist in a few years.

    • Thank God.

      • ontario john

        I guess she is still upset about her dead bunny, That was another classic piece of Canadian journalism.

    • Surele Surele

      from your mouth to God’s ears.

    • Censored_often

      The sooner this rag disappears, the better!

  • DMB

    So she finds it offensive to show depictions of the Profit ($$$) Muhammad while at the same time has no problem with the “Piss Christ” image. Well Heather Mallick prepare to be offended!

    • She pretends not to be aware of the CBC’s showing Piss Christ, feigned ignorance is a deliberate defence.

      • Frau Katze

        The article is rambling. It starts with the cartoons but suddenly shifts to attacking Harper.

        She never addresses the reason why mass publication would be good: there is strength in numbers. The terrorists can’t kill everyone.

        She’s a poor writer who can’t stay on topic.

        NYT is just as hypocritical but they write better.

    • Icebow

      Not to mention Gary Rumain!

    • mauser 98

      is that not that murder convicted army guy ?

    • Linda1000

      Hey, except for the bag or rag on the guy’s head, I like the body but without the bra and undies 🙂

    • mauser 98
  • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

    HM:”Just thinking about it makes me want to go into therapy”
    No, I don’t think therapy would work for you, Heathie. A lobotomy might.

    • A lobotomy requires the the presence of a brain.

      • Surele Surele

        disqus is right, but now I see that you are right-er.

  • Mark

    As the Star is too cowardly to allow comments I had to email Heather my disgust in person. Funny how those who claim to be so brave are too cowardly to actually do something brave. Far easier to mock the PM who won’t cut her head off.

    • And of course Christians. Whether motivated by fear of Muslim attack or not the CBC and the rest of the MSM have surrendered to Islam. The cartoons need to be shown.

      • barryjr

        LOL I asked CBC why they didn’t allow comments the other day and now all of my comments are disabled.I even typed “it’s cloudy outside” on one thread and it has to be checked by site moderators. CBC definitely DOES NOT believe in free speech and anybody that claims they do is either an idiot or a liar.

        • northernont

          My comments critical of any story they post or of JT are automatically “content disabled”.

        • Rosenmops

          I gave up trying to comment at the CBC a long time ago.

          • Curly Bill

            There are a LOT of places that don’t take kindly to my comments. 🙁
            IDK why?

        • Clausewitz

          The CBC only believes in free speech if you agree with them, no matter how stupid their argument.

  • robins111

    I thought that scabby hag was shipped off to the loonie bid ages ago… Musta been wrong, or they were replacing the tire in her cage and she got out.

  • mobuyus

    She looks swell wearing a pearl necklace..The cbc and goat seeman- syphoners like heather would be in a lot of trouble if society gave up on trying to corral their mascots.

    • They do seem to believe feeding the crocodile will save them.

  • mobuyus

    I once knew a girl named heather her pussy was tougher than leather.To attract muslim boys she’d make a strange noise by clapping her piss-flaps together.

    • Icebow

      This should of course occupy five lines.

  • Icebow

    Deserves the barbed double dildo engine.

  • Pete_Brewster

    She has a point about Air Farce. It was never funny—as neither are 22 Minutes or RMR.

  • winniec

    What is blasphemy to one person may be a sacred dogma to another. It is impossible to declare what is ‘blasphemous’ unless there is an established religion. Muslims want us to act ‘AS IF’ Islam is already the legally established religion of all Western countries. Islam is not the established religion and therefore, there is no criterion to say that Islamic ‘blasphemy’ should be recognized by the courts.

  • mauser 98

    generations of inbreeding at CBC , TorStar create this mess and attitude

  • winniec

    Heather Mallick…proud Islamic supremacist.

  • sanwin

    Seriously, that ‘woman’ is batshit crazy. I bet her husband has to use pain killers before he sleeps with her.

    • mobuyus

      Plus copious amounts of Viagra.

  • ntt1

    it is pure moral cowardice, malick has always displayed this, plus of course, being barking mad. But the moral cowardice displayed by the cbc is exactly why ghomeshi was able to run riot for so long, of course they knew, and no amount of whitewashing by a lawyer from the same cowardly class is going to change the fact.

  • Tom Forsythe

    The network that has a new show called “Schitt’s Creek” won’t show the cartoons because they are in bad taste.

  • Tom Forsythe

    Here is an entire episode of The Fifth Estate dedicated to bashing Benny Hinn. I happen to agree that Hinn is a fraud, but when will we see similar reporting on a terror mosque?

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘…and not just because Ezra Levant, carrier of the virus C. Ezraidiotium, has published anti-Muslim cartoons and look at the man, just look at him. ‘

    Leave it to the batshit crazy, hypocrite feminist to judge someone on their physical appearance.

    I believe that’s called ‘objectification’, Heather.

    That is by far one of her loopiest columns in recent memory.

    She receives lots of threats of torture and death from Florida and Texas?
    I for one don’t believe the good folks of Florida and Texas even give two shits about the opinions of a Canadian bag of hot air like Heather Mallick.

    • Clausewitz

      Yeah cause Heather the Ho should be judging others on their appearance. Looked in a mirror lately you tattered old hag.

    • A closeted hater?

  • Maggat

    The Altar Boy Gang, I can just see the picture in my mind…. A squad of heavily armed Catholic assassins storming the CBC headquarters and murdering the production staff of this show. Oh wait, wrong faith. Just suck it up you Christians.

    • Pete_Brewster

      There’s a reason Michael Bibeau didn’t go to CBC Ottawa.

  • Is anyone still reading this crazy b!#ch?

    • Clausewitz


      • Except for maybe small animals in cages that use her column for more … absorbent uses.

    • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

      I skim over her column as I flip through the paper, looking for her usual go-to words …. ‘Harper’ …. ‘men’ ….. etc.

      • Oh, just don’t waste your time. It’s not worth losing your sanity over.

  • Clausewitz

    Every time I see her, or hear she’s writing more drivel again, I just have one reaction, “What a Cunt”. No more, no less. What a silly little attention whore.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Fuck you cunt, burn in smallpox hell.

  • JohnfromToronto

    I find this funny in that even the CBC got tired of the juvenile Mallick and canned her sorry ass.