Star’s Heather Mallick On CBC’s Side – Piss Christ Is Ok But Showing #CharlieHebdo Cartoons Makes You BushHarperHitler

The Star’s lunatic in residence Heather Mallick has spoken!

“No Canadians should publish Charlie Hebdo cartoons”

Being the liar she is Mallick pretends not to understand Jason Kenney’s reference to the CBC’s elastic principles and writes:

“B.C. Conservative MP Dan Albas, a former martial arts store owner in Penticton, said the CBC should show the images, arguing that the Rick Mercer Report, This Hour Has 22 Minutes and the Royal Canadian Air Farce have used satire “to poke comedic fun” for “comedic interpretation.”Who talks like that? And who thinks the Air Farce was funny, ever?

Jason Kenney agreed in a mysterious tweet about urine, which should end the matter right there.”

Kenney’s tweet (embedded below) was clearly referencing the CBC’s decision to post the alleged art work “Piss Christ” ( see pic below) but not the Hebdo cartoons, an act of breathtaking hypocrisy even by CBC standards.  Twitter and other media have savaged the CBC since their decision to sanction mob censorship but Mallick as ususal pretends to be blissfully unaware of any fact that gets in the way of her narrative.

The rest of her rant runs the full gamut of the Mallick oeuvre – BushHarperHitler. H/T oj

CBC  Piss Christ

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