Sham wives from Czech Republic facing jail after showing no affection for husbands

The happiest day of your life? Katerina Gaborova married Fateh El Fiad at Middlesbrough Register Office but the registrar noticed there was no communication, interaction or affection between the couple and reported them

Two Czech nationals are behind bars after their wedding registrar noticed they showed no affection towards their new husbands.

Suspicions were raised further when Algerian Fateh El Fiad, 37, didn’t seem to know the full name of his bride Katerina Gaborova, 27. He also appeared to have been ‘coached’.

Just six days earlier, Zdenka Sudikova, 22, had tied the knot with Mahrez Benbetka, 28, also from Algeria, in another ‘sham marriage’…

A jury took less than half an hour’s consideration at Teesside Crown Court to convict the women who were both remanded in custody but their new husbands did not appear with them.

Both Benbetka and El Fiad had disappeared during the middle of a previours trial in October and have been on the run over since. They were convicted in their absence…

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