Please Eat Me Last Monsieur Crocodile #CharlieHebdo

No you are not a “Musulman”.

The “Musulman” is the Crocodile.

The Crocodile may eat you last but the Crocodile will still eat you.

Confront the Crocodile or surrender your civilization.

Islamists won’t kill free speech—we will

“…For my money, the reason we don’t have a slaughter like the one at Charlie Hebdo is because no such magazine would ever be allowed in Canada. We save our Kalashnikovs for murdering free speech. First we had the human rights commissions who literally jackbooted freedom of expression. The case against Maclean’s centred largely on an article of Mark Steyn’s. The Canadian Islamic Congress didn’t like his piece on Islam and filed complaints with the federal as well as two provincial human rights commissions. Steyn’s work was vigorously defended by Maclean’s and Rogers Communications. Maclean’s and Steyn won. But the cost was high.

I speak from experience.”