Not shy! Turkey is a model country for world: Deputy PM Akdogan

From a popular TV series set in the Ottoman era, “The Magnificent Century”. Source.

The global struggle against terrorism cannot be successful by ignoring certain attacks in the world, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Yalcin Akdogan said Thursday.

Akdogan made the remarks in a series of posts on the social media website, Twitter, and specifically referred to recent terrorist attacks, including the Istanbul suicide bomb attack, border guards’ attack in Saudi Arabia and another bombing in the Yemeni capital that killed dozens of people…

…Akdogan also tweeted that Turkey was a model country for the world because of its balance in Islam and democracy, moderation and democratic participation, and cohesion among people, who live together despite ethnic, religious and cultural differences.

He also said that incidents such as “attempts to choke democracy” in the Middle East and rising racism in Western countries would only serve to feed fanaticism, intolerance and terrorism across the world.