Islamophobia: Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future

In the wake of the horrifying Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, leftists and Islamic supremacists are, once again, moving swiftly to portray Muslims as victims and any attempts to examine the real motives and goals of the Jihadist killers in Paris as unjustified and “Islamophobic.”

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    “leftists and Islamic supremacists are, once again, moving swiftly to portray Muslims as victims and any attempts to examine the real motives and goals of the Jihadist killers ” Because they give these murderers an excuse they are as guilty as the JIHADIST KILLERS in my books. Why can’t leftists, Islamic supremacists be blown up for a change instead of innocent people.

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    When Europe falls to Islam and genocide begins, they will still be victims and we will still be Islamophobes.

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    In terms of a response that can get more people to face the issues instead of running for PC cover, two suggestions:

    1. We should publicize measured, thoughtful analyses of the sheer proportion of the Koran that addresses war against the infidel, compared to, say, the preserved teachings of the Buddha or the New Testament.

    If we believe that human psychology counts for anything at all, it is relevant how much time the average faithful Muslim would hear injunctions to slay the infidel.

    2. We should encourage discussion with knowledgeable Muslims (Salim Mansur may be a good choice) of a fact that I find most people, misled by deadhead legacy media, don’t grasp: The Koran is treated as a sacred book in a way unknown even to the most fundamentalist of Christians reading the Bible.

    This came across, quite amusingly, when a Jewish (by culture) journalist assailed Christians on a panel years ago with the information that if he were a Christian, he would have the right to sell his daughter into slavery. He seems not to have known that Christians do not consider themselves bound by Old Testament law, and have not done so since the Council of Jerusalem in about 49 A.D. (Jews clearly do not consider themselves bound by it either, but perhaps a knowledgeable Jew can explain the details.)

    Many, if most most, Muslims, by contrast, seem to consider anything licit that is allowed in the Koran. Where do local Muslim leaders stand on that?

    Please understand, I am not here aiming to change the thinking of local Muslim leaders. I am concerned that at least some non-Muslims who accept PC explanations – and wonder what we have done so wrong as to deserve the continued slaughter – have simply been kept from clearly understanding a key fact: The Koran holds that their slaughter and subjugation is reasonable, and that a good Muslim, according to majority traditions, believes the Koran.

    Is this situation unchangeable? I don’t know. Judaism switched from a Temple orientation to a scholarship-for-survival orientation after the destruction of the Temple in 90 AD. The consequences for arts, sciences, and medicine were enormously favourable for all of us. Christianity went through the Reformation and Counter-Reformation, and emerged with far more moral stature than before*.

    Some might say it can’t happen with Islam, but I have yet to see their crystal ball.

    We cannot, of course, work through legacy media, whose survival depends on an alliance with political movements in favour of censorship and appeasement (in the hope of being eaten last, probably). So new media must sponsor the critical discussions.

    Again, the object is not to convert the hate-filled zealot, but to help people in the middle see why passively accepting evasions and lies from government and their media messengers is no help. And how honest discussions can be safe ones. – Denyse O’Leary, Ottawa

    (*Witness the fuss around whatever the Pope says, even though he has no temporal power. Joseph Stalin once sneered, How many divisions has the Pope? Yet it was a successor pope, with no temporal power, who helped bring an end to Stalin’s heirs’ empire, working with those who did have divisions.)

    • Norman_In_New_York

      To clarify your points on Judaism, Jews do not treat Biblical commandments as closed-ended absolutes, but have maintained that an oral law has coexisted alongside the written law, giving religious leaders the flexibility to adapt to changing social and political environments and refine what appears to be harsh Biblical pronouncements. That is what the Talmud is all about.

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        Yes, that is the sort of information we need. Do all monotheist traditions treat their Scriptures as an operations manual, sanctioning terror? Apparently, most don’t. So what about the others? Denyse O’Leary, Ottawa

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    ” islamonausea “

  • ontario john

    Under the title “The Empire Strikes Back”(my apology to Star Wars), the leftists that control our media are out in full force this morning. The Saturday Star of course is in full mode. Let’s see, Heather Mallick in a must read rant, states of course Harper is an evil Christian and a coward, Ezra Levant is a disease, Rick Mercer is a hero, the cartoons should not have been published, blah, blah. Thomas Walkom states that its France’s colonial past to blame, and most bizarre, the islamic threat does not exist just like the communist threat didn’t exist during the cold war. Yes there is the perfect example of the marriage between the left and islam. There was no communist threat and now there is no islamic threat.

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      Toronto Star? what’s that?

  • Ed

    The Left is heavily invested in this “islamophobia” business not because they give a crap about muslims… they don’t, but because it is their most powerful tool to try and silence their most feared enemy… conservatives. People who think immigration is out of control tend to vote their mind, and that’s not good for the lefty project. Hence the “racist” and “islamaphobe” editorials. Thankfully fewer people are falling for it.