Islam gloating over Charlie Hebdo massacre

Islam needs an intervention #CharlieHebdo

So someone comes up to you and says the pattern on your shirt is offensive to them and they tell you to change shirts. You tell them to get lost and call them a nutjob. What a random thing to get in a fuss over!

Shouldn’t we then have the same response when a group of people decide it’s against the rules to make a depiction of a certain figure?

Look, I couldn’t care less what rules you choose to follow. I think it’s absurd that Muslims and Jews deprive themselves of the joys of bacon. But whatevs. Just means more bacon for me.

However when it comes to the cartoons, this isn’t just a rule that applies to the faithful. It applies to everyone. Chew on that for a second: I didn’t sign up for their religion, yet I still have to follow this rule?

It’s like negative billing on your cell plan, except when the phone company does it nobody dies at the end.

Here’s where things get really dangerous though. This isn’t just a view held by a small number of radicals. This is the rule for many Sunnis, who make up three quarters of the Muslim world.

Pic is Islam gloating over Charlie Hebdo massacre