Irish priest receives standing ovation after revealing he is gay

A Catholic priest in Dublin has receiving a standing ovation from members of his church after revealing he is gay during mass.

Father Martin Dolan, who has served the inner-city Church of St Nicholas of Myra for the past 15 years, made the unusual step of coming out in support of gay marriage and added: I’m gay myself”.

If he says he turned Gay to fight Climate Change the Pope will be OK with it.

  • Bert_1

    I’m not sure who I feel more sorry for. The priest for being so deluded or his parishioners for supporting him.

    I suppose, though, that he has been misguiding those poor folks for some time, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

    • BillyHW

      Remember when people were “proud” about walking on the moon, inventing the airplane, discovering penicillin, or even something humble like providing for a family with an unskilled labour job you were dedicated too. Now we are “proud” about the new and wondrous things we shove up our asses.

      • Bert_1

        Yeah, the world is changing. I try to console myself by remembering that this has all been foretold. Sometimes that knowledge helps, sometimes it doesn’t 🙁

      • Accomplishments, knowledge….

        That’s just crazy talk!

    • DD_Austin


      Peer pressure
      Queer pressure
      in a sheep pasture
      lead by a pastor
      long past disaster

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The hollowing out is now complete!

    • This and climate change clinches it!

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I’m sure the pope is furiously doing the calculus that PROVES sodomy fights climate change, and therefor is preferable to natural human reproduction.

        • Clink9

          Turd Tamping For Mother Earth.

  • ontario john

    Will gay priests admit now they abuse small boys??

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      After the removal of all ‘age of consent’ laws, they will celebrate it.

      • It will be a happy day at the TDSB when that is declared law.

    • Tom Forsythe

      Most of the abuse is of teenagers. Some of the “pedophilia” involved 18 and 19 year olds. At that age, it isn’t abuse, its dating.

      • Bert_1

        Regardless of the age of the victim, over 95% of all priests who abused kids were homosexuals. You don’t hear that stat very often, though.

        • ntt1

          Catholicism is partly to blame for insisting their priests live in such an unnatural way.Homosexual priests may be attracted to the Church,seeing it as a way to subvert their own self hatred.
          It was a church ruling several centuries back that mandated celibacy in order to avoid succession battles over Church property.

          • Tom Forsythe

            The vow of celibacy no more leads to pederasty than the vow of poverty leads to theft.

          • ntt1

            that is not what I’m saying, pederasty or as it really was. an attraction to young men is to be expected when there is a high number of latent homosexuals being attracted to priesthood due to its celebacy and that celebacy is seen as a means to fight their urges .

          • Martin B

            Pedophile priests were pedophiles before they were priests, and celibacy is one of the things that drew them to the priesthood. A (falsely taken) vow of celibacy is a perfect cloak for evil. Other professions have access to young boys, only priests have this access, plus the religious authority that comes with their position, plus the cloak of celibacy to hide behind.

          • Bert_1

            How do you know what has or has not drawn men to the Catholic Priesthood?

          • Tom Forsythe

            In any situation where adults have authority over children, whether it is school, church, sport, music lessons, community organizations, police, doctors, or whatever, some adults will use it as an opportunity to abuse children.

          • ntt1

            The Catholic Church by its unatural requirements has self selected for gay men.thereby raising the likely hood of inappropriate interaction. It is very unlikely other civil groups have as high a percentage of offences.

          • Bert_1

            1 Corinthians 7

          • ntt1

            St barts 4

          • Bert_1

            What, pray tell, is St Barts 4?

          • Guest

            Point taken.

          • Tom Forsythe

            Actually, the rates of abuse in all of those areas, from Scouting to amateur sport, are appalling.

          • How many married perverts are there?

          • JPCactus

            Gay men don’t have a valid vocation and should have been weeded out even before admission into seminary. This is actually a rule – not just a suggestion. That this rule has been so casually and uniformly ignored since Vatican II’s “new springtime” is well known among serious Catholics. The huge influx of homosexual priests into the Church started started shortly after that in the late sixties. The real source of the problem though, are the modernist bishops who allowed all of this. Modernists ignore and even discriminate against genuinely holy and prayerful priests, and instead prefer other like-minded men for bishops, priests and promotion. Modernist bishops love to trumpet the success of their bull$hit lay-formation and discernment programs while completely ignoring the quality of the young men they ordain. I have known more than one good man who was refused ordination by the “pink mafia”. The bishops also pander to feminist controlled liturgical committees who want “inclusive” priests who will do what they are told – for them a gay priest in the parish increases their status. A little study of Church history will show that this problem is actually a modernist phenomenon and not a Catholic one. If they had been choosing holy men for bishops and priests, and teaching solid catechesis to the Catholic laity since the 60’s this would not have happened. Hey, if you want to see as high a percentage of offences, check out the public school teachers.

          • Alain

            Well stated and correct according to serious Catholic friends.

          • Uh, no.

        • Tom Forsythe


    • Pete_Brewster

      Sure they will. The day they admit the IRA used Roman churches as munitions dumps.

  • BillyHW

    I’m okay with this because I actually want to know if my priests are gay or not, so I can know to stay away from them.

  • What would be the response at a mosque to a mullah revealing
    the same?

    • Stoning or rather having a wall pushed on top of him.

  • Raymond Cameron

    Next week he will announce them he has perverted to islam.

  • Tom Forsythe

    Technically, it shouldn’t matter if a priest is gay or not, because they are supposed to be celibate. I wouldn’t object to one who admitted to same-sex attraction as a sin he struggles with.

    • You have a point.

    • Bert_1

      True, but if he is admitting that he is “gay”, does that not imply being sexually active? If so, he should be defrocked.

    • JPCactus

      Untrue. To self-identify as “gay” shows everyone who is paying attention that he is fixated on an unnatural act – a perversion of the right order established by God whom he purports to worship and serve. Even if he is not living the lifestyle, he identifies himself as one craving to do so – this is such a grave spiritual problem that it disqualifies him from ordination. While giving oneself over to natural lust can still get you tossed into hell, there is no equivacation to be made between natural lust and unnatural lust.

      • Tom Forsythe

        Good point.

  • “If he says he turned Gay to fight Climate Change the Pope will be OK with it.”
    Yes, that’s pc.

  • Dana Garcia

    I’ve never been a friend of the catholic church, mostly because of its open borders advocacy, but was floored by the PBS doc about Vatican corruption.

    VATICAN GUIDE: [through interpreter] Here in Rome, it’s very easy to meet a gay priest, on a bus, in a church, and important churches like St. Peter’s. It’s even easier when you go to gay clubs and gay bars. You see them in the bars, and then at the altar the following Sunday.

  • Pete_Brewster

    As well might a people giving up the pretense of Christianity at breakneck speed.

    Or maybe they were just grateful he’d stopped trying to fool anyone. Maybe he’d been waiting for his sainted mammy to die.

    Call me when a Roman priest in Ireland does something worth applauding. Admitting how much money the parish sent to the IRA over the years might do the trick.

  • Tom Forsythe

    Did they at least make him take the glory hole out of the confessional?

  • Brett_McS

    A gay Catholic Priest? What next, gay Scoutmasters?

  • Let the de-frocking begin.

  • cmh

    seeing this article in the middle of everything elase reminds me of a monty python skit….”and now for something completely different”…lol

  • simus1

    They can put him in charge of sales for the “Stop Buggering The Lads” pin on your buttons campaign.