Egyptian cartoonist’s drawing honors Charlie Hebdo

h/t XX

  • Linda1000

    If this cartoonist still lives in Egypt he had better be very careful. Many bad cases of blasphemy there. Read the list (scroll down).

  • simus1

    Drawing a recognizable cartoon AK-47 is a very simple process, yet this “hero artist” couldn’t manage it. There is less here than meets the eye.

  • DMB

    Refreshing to hear that from a country like Egypt. I would however have like to the cartoonist mention in his cartoon of the killers murdering the cop that he was a Muslim. It would definitely give the average Muslim Egyptian something to think about!

    • ntt1

      most Egyptians have just come out from under the Muslim brotherhood so there is little left for them to learn, among world leaders ,all world leaders Egypt’s Sisi was the only one to take the blame to Egyptian Imams saying quite clearly that islam has a problem.