Creeping Sharia: Terror-listed Muslim group CAIR Hijacks Charlie Hebdo Vigil in D.C.

In a sick bit of irony (proving how far sharia has crept), the event was hosted in the Hamas Terrorist-Honoring Newseum.

On a frigid, windy night in Washington, a couple hundred people trekked to the Newseum for a vigil for the murdered French journalists from the Parisian weekly Charlie Hebdo, the police that died trying to protect them, and those that were wounded.

The gathering started off small, with maybe 15 or so trying to stay warm. But as the group grew, the organizers moved the participants inside the Newseum, where those without “Je Suis Charlie” signs were provided with one. The huge Jumbotron inside the Newseum bore the same message. After a few minutes, a hundred or so participants lined up behind the organizers holding their signs — and two of the organizers spoke to the media.

After introducing himself and his organization CAIR, Awad opened: “Thank you very much for doing this, you are all united.” He continued: “This is not about religion, this is about narrow mindedness. It is about a myopic ideology that knows no religious bounds and has no respect for human life. As my friend said, one of the two officers who were gunned down, his name is Ahmed Merabet, he is Muslim, and that shows that these people are killing more Muslims than others. And there’s no religious justification for the murder that they did today. We are all, Muslims, Christians, Jews, religious, not religious, we are all united against this barbaric act — and we are all united in the face of tyranny and the face of this murderous act and mindset”…


Pam Geller comments on the same event:

There is no Muslim group in the United States that has worked harder, with “money, media and men,” to destroy our free speech rights and impose the blasphemy laws under the sharia (under the guise of “hate speech”) than the UAE-designated terror group CAIR (the US subsidiary of Hamas). CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator Muslim Brotherhood front group in the largest terrorist funding group in our nation’s history.

So it is particularity gruesome that these ghoulish jihadists would exploit the savage slaughter of infidels who stood fast and refused to adhere to draconian, supremacist sharia.

The Islamic State is savage, but CAIR’s jihad against our freedom is just as vicious and savage.