Charlie Hebdo terror mentor’s wife on benefits in Leicester

Djemal Beghal, pictured in 2000, was banned from the UK on grounds of national security in 2009, raising questions over why his wife and family are free to live in Britain

The wife of an al-Qaeda linchpin who mentored the Charlie Hebdo murderers is living on benefits in Britain after deciding France was too strict.

Sylvie Beghal, a French citizen, lives rent-free in a four-bedroom house in Leicester having arrived with her children in search of a more “Islamic environment”. She is married to Djamel Beghal, a former London-based lieutenant of Abu Hamza, whose teachings may have inspired the Paris attacks.

At least two of the gunmen were Beghal’s acolytes, it has emerged…

Mrs Beghal lives with her four children in a smart home next to a park. Her landlord, who did not wish to be named, said: “She doesn’t have a job. She doesn’t even leave the house much.”

If claiming full housing benefit, she would be entitled to more than £10,000 a year. Her two children under 18 entitle her to around £1,500 a year in child benefit. With jobseeker’s allowance, Mrs Beghal may have cost taxpayers more than £150,000 since moving back…

See also coverage at The Daily Mail.

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  • BillyHW

    Gee, I wish I could live rent free. I was just unlucky enough to not be born a muslim parasite.

    Also, welfare is immoral. If you support it than you are immoral.

  • Linda1000

    The benefits of EU open borders. I’m pretty sure Canada has few or maybe many similar cases.

    • Observer

      It is many. Too many!

      They are taking over some Toronto public housing projects with TCHC’s blessings.

  • Jay Currie

    If one were looking for someone to deport….

  • minuteman

    If she was looking for a more Islamic environment Leicester would certainly be the place to go.

  • AlanUK

    This is an offense to their human rights, especially their right to a family life. Clearly they should all live together and it is our responsibility to enable that.
    Since the father/husband cannot live in the UK, the wife and offspring should be given one way tickets to wherever the husband (who they must miss terribly) lives currently.
    Oh. And since she won’t be living in the UK, delete her passport. She won’t need it to come back.