Canada: Suspended Winnipeg teacher sued for racist posts by Grand Chief

The school division suspended the high-school teacher, Brad Badiuk, who teaches technology at Kelvin High School. The postings have been taken down but, among other written statements, Badiuk is alleged to have said that First Nations persons complained about the past, were lazy and were always looking for non-aboriginal people to give them money.

There were words on the post devoted to Grand Chief Nepinak, saying that he wanted to “get his hands” on money that does not belong to him.

Grand Chief Nepinak promised last month he would take legal action. His suit, filed in the Court of Queen’s bench, alleges that Badiuk defamed him and libeled all Native persons and seeks general and punitive damages…

  • ntt1

    Ah yes nepinak the test pattern indian.Indians across Canada can rest assured that in derrick Nepinak they finally have their own al sharpton

    • Oh great;)

    • cmh

      Boy you really nailed that well. thx

    • b_marco

      .. grievance mongering rent seekers are resting assured too.

      • ntt1

        he is the “grand Chief” of grievance mongers you can tell by the war bonnet he wears constantly, even to the toilet.

        • b_marco

          Here in .mb a good % of the mongerers are white. Lotsa jobs man. The worst are probably the “social services” people. They literally prey on human suffering.

          • ntt1

            People complain about the CBC and being forced to support a nest of far left propagandists yet fail to notice the tax funds used to support Universities with entire faculties devoted to destroying Western Civilization. all in the “social Sciences”

          • b_marco

            The Manitoba model seems to be, in a nutshell “Ensure the economy remains stagnant such that the province qualifies for transfer payments. Use transfer payments to give people government jobs.”

          • ntt1

            It is a bubble that has to burst eventually Ontario is coming on this way rapidly .

  • simus1

    Whenever I spot one of these goat beard “Indians” my first thought is always “Bet that DNA has an interesting story to tell. In fact all treaty/nontreaty First Nations People should be able to get free confidential DNA testing for themselves and have the results also put into an anonymous overall FN research database to get a handle on who really are the tribe and what areas of their medical profiles require extra attention and care.

    • He looks like he’s from France.

      • ntt1

        could be a latin from manhatten..

  • Dave

    “and seeks general and punitive damages…” I want to say “oh, the irony” but I’d probably get sued.

  • Maggat

    At least Brad hasn’t been shot…yet

  • cmh

    Nepinak is a hate filled, racist mother who hurt his own people by shanghaiing the progress of the aboriginal education act. I have lost all respect for him.

    • simus1

      Hopefully, he isn’t somehow accessing public funds to finance his little feud on the prairie. That would be more than a little inappropriate.

  • Minicapt

    “Grand Chief” looks like a new product from Starbucks, minimal coffee with much whiteness.


  • ontario john

    Does this mean the chief won’t have time for his annual taxpayer funded trip to Iran.