France announces surrender

Bulletin From The Vichy Caliphate Of France: We Surrender #CharlieHebdo

Hollande Daze

The French authorities killed three murderous savages yesterday. That was the only good news on a day in which a third hostage siege began in Montpellier. The bad news started at the top, with President Hollande’s statement after the Charlie Hebdo slaughter and the Kosher grocery siege:

Those who committed these acts have nothing to do with the Muslim religion.

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  • Xavier

    Moslems are AIDS for societies; it’s usually your own fault you have the disease and once it’s in there’s no cure.

    • Pete_Brewster

      You forget AIDS can be treated these days, though at considerable expense. If we were serious about treating Islam, it wouldn’t be difficult with a little “radiation therapy.”

  • Doug Kursk

    Keep circling those wagons, Hollande. As has been stated elsewhere, the attack has all but guaranteed that the right will come to power in France.

    When that day happens, there will be a lot of smiles wiped off smug faces.

  • Pete_Brewster

    Anything to keep borrowing at 0.8 per cent for ten years, eh?

  • Speaksvolumes

    I had Frenchmen at the vigil in Toronto earlier this week still telling me that Islam is a religion of peace. When will Europeans wake up? What’s it going to take? Their brains haven’t just been washed, they’ve been dry-cleaned.

    • EarlyBird

      An acquaintance of mine living in Belgium is convinced that Europe’s biggest threats are “islamophobia” and the rise of parties like UKIP. A whole lot of these Europeans are literally sleep waking toward the caliphate, some of them even sound like they’d welcome it just to show how culturally open they are. They’re the islamo-realist Europeans worst enemies, even more than the mohamedans themselves.

      • Speaksvolumes

        It’s cultural suicide with a smile on their face.

        • EarlyBird

          Makes you wonder if they want to be saved at all. When you’re willing to exchange a civilization that is beneficial for human to develop their whole potential for a barbaric cult that is the complete opposite, it’s starting to sound like they’ve lost the will to bother about the future or just think islamisation is for paranoid rednecks. Refusing to name the enemy or abstaining of declaring war on it doesn’t help either, especially when the enemy doesn’t identify itself, but has clearly identified you and declared war on you multiple times.

          “Pale Ebenezer thought it wrong to fight, but Roaring Bill (who killed him) thought it right.”

  • oldguy

    I’m beginning to understand how the French revolution could have happened.

    • Clausewitz

      Remember it was immediately followed by the Reign of Terror.

  • moraywatson

    Well one simple question for you Mr. Hollande. If the events in your country the past 3 days have nothing to do with islam, then what were they about?

    • Clausewitz

      The effects of rampant socialism would be my first thought.

    • Speaksvolumes

      “White privilege”.

      Take your pick.

      • EarlyBird

        I wouldn’t exclude the economic argument either. I’ve heard some respectable conservatives and economists bring up the rise and drop in oil and cereal prices to explain why the so cool arab spring turned into a giant meat grinder.

  • Canadian

    The US State dept said it first, way before it ended.