Charb after Charlie Hebdo Firebombed by Muslims

Bulletin From Occupied France: Widespread incidence of Muslim students refusing moment of silence for #CharlieHebdo

NB – Google Translate: In an elementary school in Seine-Saint-Denis, no less than 80% of students in a class have refused this minute of silence. “Some reproduce complotistes(Ed. conspiracy theory) speech,” said the teacher, for discussion of power, finally convinced half of them.

In the image of what is played on social networks, with support responses to terrorists, some students also voiced their convictions. “But you do not understand the Prophet, they should not have to draw it (…). It is above men “, launched a sixth grader at his teacher. A student from a French teacher in the thirteenth arrondissement of Paris was arrested in these words: “Madam, it is possible that I do not do the minute of silence? I do not want me to gather people like that “Another launched him.” They had it coming. You reap what you sow force to cause. “In this third class with 26 college students, eight have rejected the decision to declare a day of national mourning. In a college in Roubaix, a gathering of 400 students was dominated by a “great buzz” and some of the thoughts that “do not fully understand what it was for,” says a teacher. On his Facebook account, teacher narrates the difficult day Thursday, explaining to want apply for a transfer. She says he was greeted at 8:00 by “Me I’m for those who killed him …”

…In the Isère, a young man of 17, from a country in the Maghreb, was beaten by a group of four or five people to Bourgoin on the sidelines of the minute of silence in his high school.

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