When I Questioned the History of Muhammad

British scholar Tom Holland found himself in a firestorm—and under threat—when he raised doubts about the traditional account of the origins of Islam.

“It didn’t take long for me to realize my mistake. Just a few minutes into the broadcast, my Twitter stream was going up in smoke. By the time the show ended, the death threats were coming in thick and fast—and not just against me but against my family as well. Channel 4 was also deluged with protests. A private screening scheduled for assorted movers and shakers had to be canceled after the police warned that they couldn’t guarantee the security of those attending the event. Because many of the invitees had been journalists, this naturally gave the controversy a new lease of life.

Two weeks later, I was still fielding death threats from Muslims convinced that the only plausible explanation for my having made the film was that I was in the pay of Mossad or the CIA or both.


Here is the video – Islam The Untold Story

  • I am amazed he hasn’t been killed.

    • I’m amazed that a historian who studied Islam should have been as amazed as he was that he got so close to being killed.

      • Good point.

        • winniec

          Holland didn’t know Sharia law yet, but I imagine he’s filled that lacuna in by now.

    • Alain

      Give it time, although I do hope to be wrong.

  • Martin B

    He also has this piece up on the BBC explaining why he tweeted the Mo toons:


  • Brett_McS

    The youTube version of the documentary says “banned in the UK”. Is that the case?

    • No he does not that I recall.

      • winniec

        Holland is very well read on the subject and fully acquainted with the leading theories of the origins of Islam. He is aware that there isn’t a shred of evidence for ‘Islam’ until after 710 AD or so.

        There are about three mentions of Mohammed in diaries of Christian writers from the early years. It isn’t certain whether ‘Mohammed’ is a title such as ‘mahdi’ or ‘messiah’.

        The qibla was not fixed until about 750 AD. That is a devastating proof that the whole story of early Islam is a later fabrication of the caliphs.

  • winniec

    The anti-intellectual culture of Islam is revealed when the obscure early record of Islam is examined!

    It appears the caliphs intentionally turned down the lights on the early accounts and then blacked out the original stories and rewrote them to enhance their dynasty’s right to rule.