We Are Not All Charlie

The police are evacuating the Gare du Nord station in Paris as my train from Brussels arrives; a suspicious package, I learned later. The rain is coming down quite hard. I resist the urge to interview my taxi driver about the current mood.

We see a blue “Je Suis Charlie” sign on a lamppost. Very nice. But the sentiment is partially a conceit. We are not all Charlie. Much of Europe, which, as a political entity, is not fully grappling with the totalitarian madness of Islamism, is not Charlie. Certainly much of journalism is not Charlie. Any outlet that censors Charlie Hebdo cartoons out of fear of Islamist reprisal is not Charlie. To publish the cartoons now is a necessary, but only moderately brave, act.

  • Pete_Brewster

    Who else isn’t Charlie? The greedy swine who thought it was a smart idea to import the Beurs in the first place and they too stingy to pay their French employees what they were worth, and called anybody who complained a fascist.

    May I suggest France’s bankers be the first ones to be beheaded by scimitar in place de la Bastille? Because Madame Guillotine is too good for them.

  • Tom Forsythe

    There is now a hashtag #vousnetespascharlie

  • If there is any “ifs” or “buts” in one’s condemnation of these acts, then one is not serious.

    Not Charlie. Never was.