Video Of The Assault On The Kosher Market

The hostage the terrorists didn’t know they had: Print worker hid in cardboard box for eight hours and texted police while Charlie Hebdo gunmen held his boss captive in final showdown

France’s most wanted woman: ‘Wife’ of Kosher supermarket killer ‘armed and dangerous’ and on the run, police warn

There are still reports that a 2nd gunman, not the “wife” also escaped the market.

h/t DD

  • Sharkibark

    Shouldn’t that nice pious Islamic biatch have a bag over her head? Just say’in.

    • Observer

      She looks stoned.
      For not wearing a burqa she should be stoned!

    • WalterBannon

      yes, a body bag

  • Xavier

    They not only identified Lepere, they ran his picture!
    Get your affairs in order, bro. That steampunk crap isn’t going to save you..

  • Clausewitz

    She has the eyes of Karla Homolka.