This 57-Second Clip May Just Be the ‘Dumbest Ever’ in Television History

The false equivalency train has finally derailed on agenda-driven networks like MSNBC.

While the overarching point of the network’s guest Eric Bates – that one shouldn’t conflate Islamic terrorists with peaceful Muslims – is a sound one, that boat left the harbor a long time ago on MSNBC; it is a Titanic vessel of contradictory portmanteaus, barreling into the long, dark night of liberal apologia – right smack into the massive iceberg of reason.

Therefore, it’s hard to rebut Jonah Goldberg’s pregnant question, “The Dumbest 57 Seconds on TV?“, because the pretend-academic discourse is too emblematic of what passes for thoughtful commentary nowadays: A trio of vicious Islamic extremists murder four satirists since the former were offended at their cartoons, and the media rushes out to say, “Christians have their loonies, too!”