Muslim Murderers Killed! Koachi Brothers & Amedy Coulibaly On Way To Being Raped For Eternity In Hell!

Latest Update: 4 hostages at supermarket have been killed. Female Muslim terrorist may have escaped supermarket with fleeing hostages

AFP is reporting Kouachi Brothers killed and Supermarket has also been stormed.

AFP also reporting Koachi brothers hostage freed, and some hostages from supermarket hostaging also safe.

Update 3 – *Gunman at Paris Store Threatens to Kill Hostages if Kouachi Brothers Harmed—Police Sources

The police are said to have opened negotiations with the Muslim terrorists, hostages have been taken. The building pictured above is believed to be where they have been cornered and is located in Dammartin-en-Goele, north-east of Paris.

Twitter feed #CharlieHebdo


Update 2 – Amedy Coulibaly identified as Muslim terrorist in Kosher market hostage taking, also believed responsible for killing police woman.

Update 2 Dead: Muslims In Shootout & Hostage Taking At Kosher Supermarket In Paris

Shots fired as Muslim takes hostages at kosher grocery in Paris

Muslims In Shootout & Hostage Taking At Kosher Supermarket In Paris

Muslim terror attack: shootings in #CharlieHebdo and South Paris murder of Policewoman “are linked”

From the Daily Mail – Charlie Hebdo killers seize HOSTAGES

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France 24

Students at a school under lockdown in Paris chant “Charlie Charlie”