RCMP Arrests Two for Terrorism Offences

Ottawa, ON, January 9, 2015 – Today, following a national security criminal investigation, the RCMP Ottawa Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) arrested and charged two individuals from Ottawa with a number of terrorism offences under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Ashton Carleton Larmond (D.O.B. 1990-11-21) has been charged with Facilitating terrorist activity (Sec. 83.19), Participation in the activity of a terrorist group (Sec. 83.18), and for Instructing to carry out activity for a terrorist group (Sec. 83.21 (1)).

Carlos Larmond (D.O.B. 1990-11-21) has been charged with Participation in the activity of a terrorist group (Sec. 83.18) and for Attempting to leave Canada to participate in terrorist activity abroad (Sec. 83.181).

Carlos Larmond was arrested at the Montreal Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International Airport as he was intending to travel overseas for terrorist purposes. Ashton Carleton Larmond was arrested in Ottawa.

Sounds like two more idiot converts.

  • Arrest more.

    • I say let em all go but never come back.

      • But therein lies an ethical dilemma.

        These guys go abroad just so they can rape and murder. Keeping them here means extra surveillance. Sending them there means innocent people die.

        • b_marco

          It’s war.

          • But what do you do with the twelve year old Yazidi girl who gets gang-raped by these @$$holes?

          • Pete_Brewster

            Given that they are proud enemies of the Queen I think a compromise can be reached. Order the RCMP to ensure they don’t leave Canadian soil alive if this can be done at no cost to innocents.

            The twins should been put down like the dogs they are and their carcasses dumped in a pauper’s grave. The twelve-year-old Yazidi girl would have been in our debt.

          • One simply cannot trust the RCMP to do anything.

          • b_marco

            Typically my grand security strategy as global emperor isn’t much more complicated than the underpants gnome’s business plan (it includes progressives, cattle cars and bio-diesel). In this case though.. as for the jihadi expats.. I guess Canada as a rich country can afford to be humane and house them in prisons instead of killing them as they attempt to enter ISIS territory. But it’s becoming easier to accept the latter course for many reasons, including the one you raised.

          • I see what you are saying (and would like to apply for a position as an underling in your new global empire) but at the same time one sees that these guys are going there just to inflict suffering and will do that long before they are totally vaporised. It’s a hard ethical dilemma.

          • dukestreet

            As long as they all get prison for their natural life. No parole and no mixing with the prison population. Thus preventing the spread in prison of their ideology.

            Should be doing more surveillance in mosques as well.

          • b_marco

            After sleeping on it.. it’s probably waaaay cheaper to jail them in Turkey than here. If NATO members can’t arrange stuff like that then what’s the point?

        • Clausewitz

          Send them back, but first book them on Malaysian Airlines. What? To soon?

        • A very good point Osumashi.

  • Maurixio Garcia S

    anyone who leaves Canada to the Middle East to become part on the terrorist group should be put on the plane with one way ticket for no return,this country cant be a base here in North America to destroy innocent lives.

  • Exile1981

    Same last name and same birth day – sounds like twins

    • Yes another Dynamic duo like the two from Calgary who were offed before Christmas.

  • James Hamilton

    It’s quite misleading (deliberate??)
    I would like to know what names they were using after conversion and where they were travelling to participate in terrorist activities??

    • Canada does not even publicly advertise its Terrorist Threat Level. I wonder if they are worried that we would soon have a very active PEGIDA of our own if the true scope of Islamic terror activity was known.

      • James Hamilton

        A time will come in very near future when we like minded people, irrespective of race & other differences, will join hands & push these parasites, along with their enables & appeasers (I mean politicians & loony leftists), out of our country. Then, their combined forces of police & media won’t be able to stop our resistance.

  • Ron MacDonald

    If there is a mosque involve it should be demolished.

    • All mosques get sudden amnesia when adherents get caught.

  • b_marco

    This is so stupid. Let them leave and kill them at a transit point en-route.

    • It is a tax burden, they should be allowed to leave.

  • James Hamilton

    Irony is that vile ahmadiyya imam Imtiaz Ahmed is till telling that ‘islam is a religion of peace’ & koran is all about love, tolerance, equality & benevolence and mohammed is an ideal everyone should be following to bring peace on earth. It’s on today’s ‘Byline’, by Brian Lilly.

    • Thanks posted that, A religion of peace that needs to be protected from cartoons or else they’ll turn violent.

  • Pete_Brewster

    I trust the father has not yet been reached for comment.