Poll Position — Vast Majority of French Jews Considering Leaving France

Radical Islam is on the rise in France. French Jews, according to one poll, are considering leaving the country.

Hear more on this “Poll Position” as John Phillips reminds viewers that the rise of anti-semitism in France is the unreported story following the Charlie Hebdo terror attack.

Video here.

  • Gee. I wonder why?

    • ontario john

      They could go to Pakistan in a few months. The place will be empty once all the muslims there are here.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Not just leaving France as in moving to Belgium or Luxembourg but leaving Europe entirely for Canada, the US, Israel or Australia. Several hundred French Jews emigrated to NY City this year for example.

  • Martin Luffa

    There is a covenant for Jews. God made that clear and defined. Perhaps it’s a good thing as I believe that Israel needs to fulfill that covenant and remove the kebab from the borders God gave Jews.

  • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

    I hope they come to Canada.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    If even half go to Israel, that country will be considerably enriched.

    • Censored_often

      Please come to Toronto! We want you here, too! If Israel takes many in, wonderful too.

      • loveU

        Canada was and still is the biggest supporter of Israel and we will always be grateful for it but studies shows that in the last few years the anti semitic in your country raised in almost 49%.. its very concerning and I hope you guys will learn to pass this.

        The hate in the western world towards israel and jews is something we can’t ignore anymore. Its worries many jews around the world and what happened in france its just a symptom of this disease.

        love U Canada, keep safe

        • Censored_often

          It – namely anti-Semitism and/or anti-Israel attitudes – is largely confined to the political left and Muslim immigrants. Other than that, ignorant people exist everywhere despite their background. Still, I think Toronto would be a welcoming place.

  • ontario john

    I’m waiting for the announcement that the Anglican and United church is going to boycott French Jews.

  • Blacksmith

    Man wont the palistains be pissed with all the new immigrants to Israel?

    • pick a name

      why it’s not their business

      • Blacksmith

        That has never stopped them getting their freak on before about anything to do with Jews and Israel

    • wordsmeanthings

      more settlements!

  • Xavier

    The U.S. doesn’t take white Christian immigrants anymore.

  • eifel

    Nous partons de France !!!!