People’s Cube: Islam’s Struggle Against Cartoon Terrorism – satire

Western terror labs have finally produced a weapon so horrific that it has shaken Islamic world to the core, making over a billion people from Morocco to Indonesia fear for the survival of their freedoms, morals, beliefs, cultures, governments, and the very life itself.

CartoonJihad5The new weapon of terror, the so-called “Cartoon,” is capable of delivering an equivalent of one million Hiroshima bombs, resulting in a horrendous mass destruction like none seen on Earth before.

Ahmed Jihad of the Qatar-funded charity Make Bombs, Not Cartoons sadly stated that “This is the end of a tenuous peace between Muslims and Infidels, with only the occasional beheading, open market suicide bomb, or fiery suicide plane mission”…

…Qatar, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Iran have been clandestinely working on the “Mother of All Erasers,” in an attempt to control the budding menace of cartoon proliferation…

  • ontario john

    Send them some cbc shows, that will really drive them insane.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Let us understand what kind of weapon the cartoons are.

    They are a most powerful device called RIDICULE.

    Enough of this weapon used world wide would have devastating effects on Muslims everywhere.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Someone should draw a caricature of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi giving someone a blow-job.

    • I’ll give it a whirl later.

      • Ron MacDonald

        With Mohammed being the recipient, post it everywhere and it will drive them nuts.

  • Dana Garcia

    Love The Cube, but it is almost too clever. Scary smart.