Now is the time for fraternité, says France’s chief rabbi

French police take positions by the kosher grocery store in Saint-Mande, near Port de Vincennes, on the eastern edge of Paris, scene of hostage taking January 9, 2015

But some French Jews wonder why the same brotherly embrace wasn’t extended to them after numerous attacks

In the wake of the terrorist assault on Charlie Hebdo Wednesday killing 12 in the heart of Paris, France’s Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia called for the Jewish community to lead efforts in rebuilding French society’s fraternité, or brotherhood.

“We must give hope to all of society. It is one of our jobs as Jews to give hope and be an or lagoyim, a light to the nations,” the recently installed Korsia told The Times of Israel Thursday.

But while many laud such statements, some in France’s 500,000-strong Jewish community wonder where that famous French fraternité was hiding as the country’s Jews have borne the brunt of waves of anti-Semitic and Islamist jihadi attacks. There has been too much supportive rhetoric and too little action, say some…

Odd that one of the hostage incidents was at a Paris kosher grocery store. A mere coincidence?

h/t Marvin