Muslims posing as Jews flood Facebook

It seems those of us who are against the Islamisation of Australia have a fight on our hands

If you look about four posts back you will see a story that is critical of Bill Shorten’s equivocation in relation to anti-terror laws. It has resulted in me and the author being banned from facebook for a further 30 days with a threat that the Facebook page could be cancelled.

This has now become a regular occurrence and facebook doesn’t allow you to explain to a one million weekly reach (their figure) why the story was deleted or why the page is now frozen.

Hundreds of Google sites and facebook pages have been shut down by a well-organised group purporting to be against “hate speech” and citing anti-Jewish speech as their main aim. Funny, but it seems only sites containing the words “Islamic”, “Muslim” and “Jihadist” are being removed while facebook sites that pay for “likes” are allowed to remain.

This Islamic group, which is reported to involve Getup finance, has devised a program that floods Google and facebook with hundreds of co-ordinated complaints about the one article. Google and facebook bots (robots) automatically react to delete the post and either suspend or cancel the site…

h/t Marvin