Kosher Supermarket Muslim Murderer Killed, Hostages Freed But Possible Injuries #CharlieHebdo

Update: Kosher Supermarket Muslim Murderer Killed, Hostages Freed But Possible Injuries

Update 1 – *Gunman at Paris Store Threatens to Kill Hostages if Kouachi Brothers Harmed—Police Sources

kosher market muslimsUpdate – Amedy Coulibaly see APB issued by French police above, is believed to be the Muslim Terrorist holding hostages in the Kosher supermarket.

No confirmation his Muslima “girlfriend” Hayat Boumeddiene, also wanted, is with him inside

Two dead at shooting in Kosher market in Paris – 5-6 Hostages, among them women & children

Fresh shooting broke out in eastern Paris on Friday, with reports that an armed man had taken hostages at a kosher grocery store, a source told AFP

Police sources said at least two were killed at the scene.

Shots fired as gunman takes hostages at kosher grocery in Paris

At least one person has been injured after an armed man took up to five hostages in another shooting incident in Paris.

muslim takes hostage at kosher supermarket in ParisArmed police evacuated the area around a kosher grocery shop in Porte de Vincennes in the east of the city.

Up to five hostages were being held at the Jewish supermarket, according to reports in France.

The same gunman who shot a woman police officer dead on Thursday morning is suspected to be involved, police sources told the AFP news agency.



NB – Google Translate Hostage in a kosher grocery Porte de Vincennes in Paris

A hostage is being in a kosher deli. Reportedly, one person was injured. Now the link is clearly established between the two suspects in the killing of Charlie Hebdo and the author of the shooting in Montrouge (Val-de-Marne) Thursday, who made ​​a victim a police officer. This is what the shooter who is suspected of being involved in the hostage taking Porte de Vincennes in Paris, according to sources familiar with the matter.

More on the related Charlie Hebdo Hostage Taking – Charlie Hebdo killers seize HOSTAGES

Al Qaeda brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi have been cornered in a village 25 miles from the capital after exchanging gunfire with police on a dramatic car chase this morning.

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    Snatch up the killer’s extended families and run them over with a tank in the middle of the street on live TV.

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    Deportion. Deport all muzloids now. Rid France of this cancer!

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      I get the impression that these rabid savages infer from the ” Moderate” muslims that their lack of protests and outrage to denounce Armed Jihad and terrorism (inspired by the quran and muhammad ) is a tacit approval to continue based on that overt silence the non-muslims have noticed as well.
      Watch for more Imams to hijack the story and claim they fear backlash and a pike in Islamophobia.

      If 1’800’000’000 peaceful muslims have neither the will, nor brains , to seek out those few bad apples to boot from their mosques or report to the Police…. then the 6’000’000’000 non-muslims on Earth will purge islam for them . This , so they will finally stop the endless WHINES about the 99.99% being blamed for the actions of that 0.01% causing all the trouble.

      I would not be shocked to find out that many Imams are pretty stupid about what’s goes on outside of their Mosques and can’t see that those “FEW” bad apples are actually an entire Orchard where they are merely falling one at a time.
      What needs to be done is to take the axe to the whole lot in the orchard and burn the deadwood and rid it from the Earth as to never again poison healthy humans with the death-cult cancer being imported into healthy orchards .

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