Mark Steyn: #JeSuisCharlie – But You’re Not #CharlieHebdo

“The French establishment is co-opting these brave men’s deaths for their own purposes, and for the most part the world’s media are helping them get away with it. I spent much of Thursday on TV and radio, and my irritation with the dismal #JeSuisCharlie campaign increased as the day wore on. The self-flattering evasiveness of all those cartoonists around the world offering lame variations of “the pen is mightier than the sword” was especially feeble.

  • Pete_Brewster

    Of course they’ve co-opted it. It might have been their idea.

    Mark my words, one day we’ll find out Hollande was in on the joke—to silence a pesky gadfly and make himself look like a hero ahead of an election he feared he would lose. Lord knows both he and his paymasters in Berlin and Dar al-Islam had an interest in keeping France safe for cheap labour.

    Enjoying your cheap gas, children? Because Charlie paid for it in blood.