Four kosher deli hostages were killed BEFORE French police went in

Dramatic footage has emerged of the moment police stormed in to the Paris kosher supermarket last night before terrorist Amedy Coulibaly was shot dead.

Commandos launched flash grenades into the grocery and fired into the shop before a man believed to be the hostage taker was gunned down. Moments later, terrified captives could be seen running to safety.

It comes as it was revealed that the Isis fanatic had slaughtered four hostages before officers launched the raid.

Last night, chilling images emerged of bodies lying on the floor of the bullet-ridden shop after several shoppers were taken hostage inside the grocery store – including women and children.

Further images emerged of Coulibaly’s bloodied body lying on a pavement after the siege had come to a dramatic end.

  • BillyHW

    Do they even know Jews don’t eat bacon either?

    • Maybe he was upset about that, they’re touchy people ya know.

  • Brett_McS

    There’s an interesting interview (by the Powerline guys) of Claire Berlinkski of Ricochet who was there – just by coincidence – on the scene of the attack just after the terrorists had left to go to the kosher supermarket. She wasn’t impressed with the policing effort, having seen many similar during her career as a reporter.

  • Canadian

    Just wondering…..
    Will the people of NYC be as suave as Paris people were and name a street after the killer, like they did with Rue Mumia Abu-Jamal, the killer of officer Faulkner?
    Just wondering, that`s all.