Don’t surrender our freedom #CharlieHebdo

Let’s cut the crap, all right?

On Wednesday we witnessed a barbaric terrorist attack on a French media outlet designed to stop all media outlets around the world from ever criticizing Islam.

That’s what we saw, that’s what it was about.

Yet once again we have people trying to massage the truth, trying to tell us to watch our language.

Karim H. Karim, a professor of Islamic studies and journalism at Carleton University, is quoted in a news report as saying the word barbaric, as used by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and French President Francois Hollande, is too much.

  • David Murrell

    Breaking news: BBC News is reporting just now (7:40 am Eastern, Friday, January 9th), that a person was kidnapped from a kosher restaurant, and that one person has been shot and wounded — all of this possibly by the murderer of the policewoman.

  • G

    Hey! Where are all the invented stories about an imagined anti-muslim backlash?

    Whenever the chickenshit holier-than-thous in the “news” media report on the terrorist murders of mere … regular people… there is always the obligatory accompanying story about how there was a “backlash” against muslims (usually graffiti or something equally horrific) and how terrified poor little muslims are (almost always with a photo or video of an attractive muslim mother surrounded by wide eyed frightened looking children).

    But when the press THEMSELVES are attacked suddenly all the backlash stories disappear. Funny how that works.

  • Xavier

    Well then I’ll add barbaric to savage in my Moslem adjectives list. Thank you Professor.

    I wish we had a network like Sun here in the States. Fox isn’t really right wing, they just make money on controversy.

  • Denis George Miller

    just goes to show that being a university prof does not mean you have a working brain!

  • Islam is a cult and should not be viewed as a religion.

    Islam only uses “religion” as deceptive tool to recruit and encourage young men into committing violence in the name of its supposed moon god.

    These young men are brainwashed into believing they will receive heavenly (sexual) rewards for committing violence.

    The brainwashing technique used by Islam is obviously quite effective.

    The cult of Islam has managed to expand for 1,400 years. Most of the people within the cult are victims of the cult and are simply part of the cult because they cannot escape.

    The cult of Islam is held together by fear. (see link below) All Muslims are captive to the cult. They cannot quit, criticize or try to change the cult without fear of being murdered by the young male killers who are brainwashed into believing the cult.

    The cure for the cult of Islam is deconstructing the “religious enticement” that draws in the young male killers.

    This can easily happen by insulting and deconstructing the “beliefs” of these killers, and using reason to illuminate the fallacies of the Islamic cult.

    And that can happen by simply insulting the core tenants of the cult.

    The “Charlie Hebdo” and Mohammad cartoons do just that. (And that is why the cartoons have caused so much push back by the Muslim cultists.)

    More cartoons and intellectual insult is the only answer.

    There may be short term hell to pay. But the cult of Islam is like a fragile piece of crystal. A simple stone in the right place and all that will be left is a pile of trash.

    Read how Islam is held together by fear at:

    • WalterBannon

      the cure for islam is summary execution

  • ontario john

    Yes, reports just in that there is another hostage taking at a Kosher Shop. I’m sure it has nothing to do with islam. Those Jews are always drawing attention to themselves. And please remember, the Anglican Church Journal reminds us all this month to continue to boycott goods from Israel.

    • David Murrell

      Nosiree. Nope. Nothing to do with Islam at all. The fact that at least two people have been killed (probably Jews) has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with Islam. All of these Arabic-sounding names, from Algeria, are all, repeat ALL, misunderstanders of Islam.

      As much of the media are reporting, the BIG problem is that some right-wing extremists might start acting against the pure, innocent Islamic mosques throughout France. Marie Le Pen’s party might gain electorally from all of this. This is the big problem facing France, according to the media elites everywhere.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Ask Karim what those 7 Jews being held hostage, 2 of whom were reportedly killed, in that grocery store did to warrant his justification of violence, I mean other than the fact that they’re Jews?

    • David Murrell

      Closely analogous to the Nazi brown shirts, and the Nazi SS, in the late 1920s and 1930s, arbitrarily killing German Jews, out of hand. Not much change of our media, or intellectual elites, mentioning this link. Not much chance of anyone speaking out on the arbitrary killing of innocent Jews.

      Recall that Jews had been killed , In France, in recent Islamic attacks, with very little media commentary in Europe of North America.