CBC: Charlie Hebdo Paris shooting may deepen ‘normalized Islamophobia’

In France, home to Europe’s largest Muslim population, a debate already underway on Islamophobia quickly gave way to another on Wednesday, after gunmen killed 12 people at the Paris offices of a satirical magazine.

The deadly shooting at the Charlie Hebdo newsroom left 11 others injured, but scholars who study Islam in France say the militant attack also deepened wounds and may hinder national efforts to rise above anti-Muslim sentiment.

“I feel really, really emotional about this as a person,” said Valerie Amiraux, who holds the Canada Research Chair for the study of Religious Pluralism. “But as an expert, I have to tell people you can’t use this event to systematically destroy the work that has been done to protect the rights of Muslims”…

Trigger warning: puke bag may be necessary to read the whole thing.