Barack Obama proposes two ‘free’ years of community college for up to 9 million Americans

President Barack Obama wants publicly funded community college available to all Americans, a sweeping proposal that would make higher education as accessible as a high school diploma to boost weak U.S. wages and skills for the modern workforce.

The initiative’s price tag has yet to be revealed, and it faces a Republican Congress averse to big new spending programs. But it will likely be a centerpiece of Obama’s State of the Union Address in a week and a half.

But the White House tweeted on Thursday that ‘President Obama’s plan could save a full-time student an average of $3,800/year in tuition.’

If all 50 states were to participate – they would have to pick up the tab for one-quarter of the tuition cost – the idea could benefit up to 9 million students, the White House officials said in a fact sheet Friday morning.

Those figures could be costly, adding up to $34 billion per year, provided Congress green-lights the proposal…

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